De-Fat Thoughts, aka - The SHADE of it All!

I didn't realize that there was so much shade thrown when people lose weight.  Like, I knew aboot the shade that comes from people who want you to stay as you are.  However, I didn't really notice how fokes get about the 1) amount of weight you lost and 2) how you lost the weight.

I have had a few non-medical cats ask me how much weight I aimed to lose.  I told them the honest truth, which was "hell, I don't know".  It was debated that I needed to have a set goal in mind for some reason along the lines of some shit.  I simply decided that I would lose as much weight as I needed to get to my desired size, which was around size 14.  That was a size in which I could shop at a gang of stores and also one that I hadn't been in a many moons.

"You aren't aiming low enough" saith a bastard.

"I'm aiming for what I want" saith myself.

"Well, I guess it's okay to set a low goal so you won't end up disappointed".

Yeah.  So picking a size in which I feel most comfortable instead of focusing on the number of pounds, I am aiming low.  To hell with what my medical professionals tell me.

Maybe I'm strange, but I think it is better for me not to dwell on the pounds.  While I am down 45 pounds thus far, I have not gone down a full clothing size yet.  I have some clothes that are looser, but I haven't gotten to where I can say that I got a gang of clothes to donate.  I feel better and I don't be all winded, but I'm in that awkward phase...stuff is too big but the smaller size is too tight.

But it is progress doe.

Now, what else throws me for a gang of loops is when people get into the grand debate of which method of weight loss is better.

Yes, people really do get trippy about how you lose the shit!

I have known people who lost weight by...

...dietary changes
...exercising without dietary changes and exercise pills

Minus stress, the methods were actually approved or backed by a doctor...and the people did see results.  In those cases, I would say "hey, different strokes for different fokes".

Not everyone agrees.

I had to post my two cents on a blog post after seeing a few people not just disagree with, but DOWN people who had weight loss surgery.  I think it goes back to misconceptions as well as this whole superiority complex.  I already know that naysayers like to consider weight loss surgery "The Easy Way Out".  Of those who find this method to be "easy", not too many I've seen even bothered to find out more about it before formulating an opinion of it's simplicity or difficulty.

Losing weight is a hell of a challenge...and it is a hell of an accomplishment to make.  I guess that's why people get so damn funny acting about it.  I guess the hippie in me doesn't give a damn how you did it so as long as you did it legally and safely.  Making the decision to get right is a personal one.  The way you execute things is personal as well.  I just wish people wouldn't get all uppity about the shit.

Hell, if I hit a lick right now...I'd go to California and get Dr. Li from Dr. 90210 to lipo the SHIT out of my gut and nip these arms.  Shiiiiiit, you could throw all the shade you wanted...I'd be too busy throwing this sexiness.



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