A Few Thoughts for "Skinny"

I don't really have much to say that could make people feel better about losing Karen.  There isn't a particular scripture, poem, prayer or song that can take away the hurt that her loved ones and friends have felt over the past week.  I saw the status posts of people praying and asking us all to keep our eyes peeled.  I joined a group of people who never let up believing that she would be okay.  You kinda hoped that she just ran off somewhere...that way people who cared could fuss at her when she got home.

You just hoped she made it home.

I'm angry as hell.  I was sad when she was reported missing...but I became angry as I read the confirmation of her death.  My hands were cold as ice, but I was too angry to cry.  I selfishly hoped that this wasn't her...but then I had to catch myself and remember that someone lost a loved one in that river.  Even if it wasn't Karen, it was someone's daughter.  It's safe to say I would be angry either way.

I'm sure in the coming days, we will start hearing things.  Unfortunately, when cases like this emerge, we start hearing a whole lot of things.  I know that among those who cared about her, there are a whole hell of a lot of assumptions and hypotheses going around.  My husband and I had a few.  I won't share them, but just know that whoever did this to Karen needs to meet a similar fate.  On a legal realm, I pray for swift justice.  On a human, regular person realm, I want that person to suffer.  I know, I know..an eye for an eye doesn't bring Skinny back..but I'd be lying if I said that I just want her murderer to get 25 to life.  Hell, she didn't get an option of life.

I'm not the most religious of people, but I do pray.  I offer this prayer as it is the only thing I can do right now:

God, I ask that you keep Karen's family right now.  Give them peace and comfort as best you know how.  Please encamp them with your love as they prepare to bury their loved one. 

Touch Skinny's friends, God.  They've been searching, praying, waiting and today they found out that the woman they loved as a sister will not be coming back to them on Earth.  Dry their tears and take away their anger..help them hold on to the happy memories and not hold on to the news reports.

Last, but not least Lord, please keep her children.  Please help them process what happened to Karen, and help them heal.  God, don't let them grow up angry, scarred and broken from losing their mom.  It's going to be hard on them, but I know you have them covered with your blood. They're going to hear so much in the coming days and months, and they're going to see a lot more.  Protect their ears and minds from those who seek to do them harm, and place them somewhere safe where they can grow up to be happy in spite of who they lost.  They are Karen's heart and love personified, and they need to be cared for. 

Let your will be done, and please help those investigating find the person responsible so they may be held accountable.  Don't let this case grow cold.

In your name I pray, Amen.

Rest in Paradise, and know you were loved.


Angela said…
What a beautiful woman! It takes a straight up coward of a person to take someone else's life...Know that in the end, the murderer never really gets away with it.

Prayers to you, her family, and all those who knew her and are saddened by this.

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