De-Fat Thoughts, aka-The "Roger Eberts" of Weight Loss

First of all, Roger Ebert is a movie critic.

Get it?

Got it?



I posted a status today about feeling some kind of way.  I had basically spent a few days pondering over the comments made by people on this journey, and today I officially decided to deal with them.

The latest comment was someone who "couldn't see" where I had lost 40 pounds.  I'm already fighting my own damn mind on a daily basis, then I hear something like that and end up for real analyzing...

I first had to ask what does a forty pound weight loss look like? Is there, like, a gauge for a fat kid's 40 pound drop?  I mean, there a key I can use to determine what it looks like?  Well..THIS is 40 pounds:

So I lost THIS much.

However, it apparently doesn't LOOK like I left this weight somewhere.  Now, I can feel that I'm doing better...and some of my once fitted shirts are now street legal.  So yeah, it IS coming off of something.  Still built like a centaur doe.


Who is the almighty individual with the rule as to what 40 pounds of weight loss is supposed to look like?  Truth be told, if THREE doctors who don't play dominoes together got the same weight, then to is official.  In that regard, I guess that my mental argument is now complete.

But no. It ain't. My mind keeps rolling..

1. Why do people expect me to go from Chunque to Chihuahua in 90 days?

Because people already come into the whole "I'm fitna lose weight" game all askew.  I know..I did it.  I know people who actually think that just working out can result in weight loss.  While activity is of the MadSexy, you have to modify yo foods.  I have heard someone say "I can drink/eat this because I work out".  Cheat days are one thing, but eating garbage daily then hitting an elliptical is like..not gonna really work.  Yeah, you burn calories, but you're still poisoning yo damn self.

2. Juicing has people's imaginations running roughshod.

I LOVE JUICING, SON!  Ever since I saw "Fat Sick and Nearly Dead", I've been in love with the feeling that juicing gives me.  I believe in combination with working out, juicing has helped my skin, my ankles and my..*ahem* innards.  I tell almost every soul to check out Joe Cross' aforementioned documentary.  They do.  And they see this:

So they automatically assume that my act of juicing is going to make me Joe Cross Thug.  I'm sure it has been a big help, but I'm not juicing JUST for weight loss.  I like not being sickly and weak.  However, everytime someone finds out I juice, they get into the "how much weight you lost" convo.  I don't mind telling them that my 40 pounds did not come exclusively from juicing...but I tell them it helps and is just damn good for you.

3. Some people just can't let you shine.

Whether it be accidental or mad rougish, some people just have to throw all the shade!

I've blogged it before...some fokes don't like you progressing.  They have to do something to derail that giddiness you feel when you go from Couch Potato to straight up Frolicking.  I don't know if dude's comment was shade or a genuine "I can't see it".  I can't tell you that.  What I can tell you is that not one person outside of my damn brain has told me "I can't see any form of weight loss" unless they haven't seen me lately.

4. People just think that they can talk to your fat ass any ol' kind of way.

Let me say that you don't have to walk on eggshells around a person losing weight.  But you do need to have some common sense.  I don't expect my crew to tell me "keep up the good work" when I'm looking like a damn kielbasa.  I think that it's safe to operate under the assumption that I don't have a reason to walk around all "I'm 40 pounds down, son" if I actually gained like, 32 pounds.  I wouldn't be open with my journey only to lie.  I could see if I said that I work out every single day with T.P. Hearn, then maybe you'd have just cause for skepticism.

5. You can't convince people with unhealthy attitudes that you're making healthy choices.

It's kinda a reboot of the juicing thing.  If a person thinks that there's nothing wrong with subsisting on sodas, porking on pizza and gorging on gravy, then you can't tell them shit.  They're geniuses in the nutrition category, so you need to do what THEY tell you to do.  I've been told by a diabetic who was midway through a double-Church Sized slice o' cake that juicing would kill me.  NO SHADE AT ALL to eating what you want, but I want that respect returned.  I'd be 62 shades of janky if I told her she wanted a footprint and a dot from having her dead ass foot amputated from eating sugar and not taking her damn meds properly.

So yeah..I had the sense to do my homework so I can learn how to have a better quality of life.  So what if I only lost 40's 40 less than I walked into 2012 with! I think people forget that everything is a matter of perspective. 
I guess everyone has their idea of what I need to look like right now, including myself.  I have to judge myself every morning and night when I look in the mirror.  I have to see me, carry me and feed me each and every day.  I have to battle with my own plans and perceptions, then when you have those fokes saying that you don't "look like" you lost a certain amount..that's stressful.
Fortunately, I'm always pondering.  I am not afraid to say that some days I can handle the good, bad and ugly..while other days fill me with dread and drear.  I have to be mindful that this isn't a race...and as long as I keep a healthy body will remain the same way. 
I guess my two cents to anyone on the weight loss path would be to remember this:
*Pootie Tang was the best movie of the year to someone...and The Color Purple sucked royally to others.
*People actually prefer Ashanti over Phyllis Hyman,
*Someone thought Earth Wind and Fire wasn't a good group.
I give that three snaps up, son.


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