Excuses..a De-Fat Post that Can Be About Something Other than De-Fatting

The last two weeks of my De-Fat journey have been a little dull. I purposely haven't weighed myself, but I feel like I should have done more.  I didn't do my evening walks but I've been squeezing in random bursts of random spasmodic movements.

I figure tis better than being sedentary again.

In the midst of this journey, I've been really thinking a lot.  I think you're supposed to do that because it's good for the soul or something. At the very least, I'm sure it burns a calorie.

I thought about all the years before when I said that I was going to make changes and lose some form of weight.  I also remember all the shit that I let deter me from it.  I was too busy.

I didn't have the money.

I didn't have a sitter.

I had a sitter but had other shit to do.

I didn't know what to do.

I knew what to do but didn't want to do it by myself.

I knew what to do but didn't want to do it by myself but didn't want to ask no damn body.

I like Circle B smoked sausages.

I ain't THAT fat.

I'm fat as hell, but I'm aight with it.

I'm fat as hell, but I'm aight with it even though these damn clothes are getting tighter.

I didn't need the damn clothes no way.

I could go on, but in short, I let everything under the sun take me away from what I had in my mind to do.  What is hilarious is that I found a way to do other things.  From the first time I said I was going to work on my weight, which was aboot 2005, I went back to school and got two whole degrees, I paid off debts, I did soooo many things that required focus and willpower.  But when it came down to this journey, all of that took precedent.

What's even funnier is how many people actually cosigned to my reasons.  I could always count on somebody telling me they understood why I didn't worry about it or why I didn't try.

The perils of being a good ass person...nobody wants to slap the taste out of yo mouf and tell you stop with the damn excuses.

Yes. All of those reasons were excuses.

Every single "reason".

In hindsight, I was a smart ass chick and I had an answer for everything.  None of them were lies, except for being hit by a wayward crow, but that's what happens when you place everything above what you really need to do.  I found time to beat God of War 1 AND 2, but I couldn't walk around my apartment complex.  I did an entire class session (5 weeks) of homework in one weekend, but I never once decided to go buy some fruit.  Hell, I shot out to random cities in the Cobalt, but couldn't even take that same amount of time to go research exercises that I could do.  In that regard, I made excuses.

At this stage in my life, I would probably have the most legitimate reasons in the county to not have time to work out or cook a healthier dinner.  I got two whole kids, a whole husband, a nagging foot issue, a Grad School program to work on and THEN I'm trying to find the right Powerball numbers.  Yet, I walk 15-30 minutes at least three days a week.  I asked people for help in eating changes and did a lot of documentary watching to learn the truth about the very food I couldn't put down.  I managed to do so much in this busy ass life of mine..

...because I wanted to.

There's a fine line between excuses and reasons.  Skipping my walk because my left foot is on swole isn't an excuse.  Skipping my walk because I want to watch several episodes "Dr. 90210" on Netflix is an excuse.  As with anything in life, if you want to do it, you will make it happen.  So many of my friends, loved ones and liked ones have moved mountains on tired backs..so who am I to not even lean on the bitch to see if I can make it budge.

The moment you toss out the excuses that are cleverly disguised as reasons is the moment that you begin to make something of your life.  In my case, it's losing weight.  For others, it may be a career change, a new car or even a break up.  You have to be real with yourself and take this thing called life by the horns.

**or horn if your life is a sexy unicorn**

I'm not going to let myself slip back into excusing things when it comes down to what I want to do. Gotdammit...if Oscar Postor..Pastorio..Pistori...DUDE FROM SOUTH AFRICA WITH THE RUNNING PROSTHETICS...can make it to the Olympics with nothing from the knee down but two blades, I can get off my ass and make this luxurious ass body of mine smaller.

No more excuses.


Angela said…
*LIKE*...I didn't want to comment, just like this blog! I think I've found a new hobby - reading your blogs!!
EarthWindFire82 said…
Thank you SOOOO much for reading!!!

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