We Don't Need Another Savior, aka-Get Off Your "Grass"


Today's episode of Tam's Rant is brought to you by the Letter Q and the Number 8. Tam's Rant is also sponsored by Grace Brothers Menswear. Don't worry if the trousers are too tight, they'll ride up with wear.

Now, to the Rant at hand.

I guess the title is kind of questionable. However, it's exactly what it is. We just don't need another Savior. I mean, those of us who believe in God have the good King Jesus, the Late, Great JC, so we should be just fine. But it appears that many people are grasping for more salvation from wherever it can be found.

Lately, I have read so many things that make me feel as if people want someone or something to improve their lives. Women want a man (or woman) to come and make all of their pain go away. People want some kind of legislation to make them gainfully employed again and parents want a magical vote to keep a school system divided or to unify a city. Everyone needs a hero or something and it befuddles me roundly.

What happened to the independence that people used to have? Why is there a new found reliance on everything? Since when did we relinquish control of our lives to an unknown force of the non-spiritual persuasion? Why did a man with three marriages under his belt have to tell you how to handle your relationship? Why does an elected official need to save your children's education? Who in the HELL left the gate open?

*closes gate*

Right now, many of our lives are spiraling out of control and we want things to get better some kind of way. But I ask, why can't the initiative begin within? I remember being in school at JSU, upset that I had to ask for more money during the semester. After it was over, I found out that I could have gotten a little financial aid that would have put more than enough loot in my pocket. I remember raising $298.91 in hell because nobody TOLD me I qualified for assistance.

Once I burned those 719 calories, I realized that it was no one's fault but my own. I should have done my own damn research. It wasn't the financial aid counselor's fault that I didn't know. Do they really have time to tell me "hey Tam! You got some money over here if you need it". In an ideal world, they would have. But it was my job to ensure my own damn well being. It still is.

This mentality of "nobody's helping me" is old, outdated and outright sad. Why do we need rescuing all the time? Not we as Blacks, but we as people?

*Why is it the teacher's fault that our kids can't read in Middle School? As a parent, do you NOT see the report card? You DO have to sign that bastard! Why do you need that teacher to find out why your son can't comprehend? Shouldn't you be doing research WITH the teacher to find a solution?

*Suze Orman is making a killing telling you what you already know but won't do. I could tell you that it's stupid to go buy a brand new car for $800/month if you are already struggling to make ends meet. You know what you bring home per month and what goes back out each month. Therefore, why do you need a Guru to tell you not to buy anything until you can amass a savings. Nobody pays me to tell them stuff....*sadness*

*I don't remember hearing our President say "I will save you from every issue you are suffering from. I guarantee a chicken in every pot, a Tahoe in every driveway and a couple grand in every bank account". Therefore, why do we expect miracles? Regardless of who would have made it into office, I guaran-damn-tee someone would have been pissed.

I guess I'm just wondering why society has stopped fighting and trying. I'm not saying that nobody needs a helping hand ever in life. We all need a leg up every now and then. However, when you live in a perpetual state of "help me, help me please", you have lost your independence. Take initiative and reclaim your power. We don't need another hero to make it through the day. If you want to go to college, research programs that work with your life. If you need a job, get up and go find one. If you're tired of being broke, make a budget.

Nobody can guarantee everything will be perfect, but it most certainly beats waiting to be rescued by some man or woman. Outside of God, you don't need another Savior. Just make an effort in life. Stop blaming everyone for your issues and make changes for the better. Save yourself..


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