The First Truths of 2011, aka-Since We're Starting Anew


It's not last year no more!

So that means, for at least a few of you, that you're doing something different than you were last week. For others, you're likely practicing the fine art of insanity and awaiting a change.

Whatever floats your boat or finds your lost remote, sons.

Well, I decided to helps myself to being honest about a few things. As usual, there's no need to try figuring out who is what or trying to see who "needs to read this", just bask in my honesty and fix me some chicken.

1. Let's leave the relationship drama behind. All that back and forth goings on amongst adults is tiring. Instead of joining the "On & Off" club, leave the light off. Yeah, I said it. I have heard people say that "well, we have worked out our issues and all is well". I strongly doubt that is factual. In many cases, one party (or both) is going to make whatever temporary changes necessary to get that person back. When you think about it, if the situation was so bad that you broke up (separated, split, took a hiatus), then it is likely best to stay away. If he's a jealous ass, he'll still be jealous when you get back together. He'll just explore the sneakier route. If she has a janky attitude, it'll still be there. It will just come out to her friends about you instead of directly TO you.

2. Also, let's stop dwelling on exes past. As stated in the aforementioned snippet, you broke up for a reason. It's natural to be curious if that ex is treating the new person better, especially if you were good to said ex. "He never took me out on my birthday". "He told me he didn't want to be married or have kids & he knocked up the new girl". "She told me she couldn't be with one person".

So. So the hell what...

When I posted that status yesterday, I meant every word. When you spend time dwelling on the sadness and pain of previous hurt, you block the potential for future love. Seriously. Nobody said you couldn't be hurt, and nobody said healing would be quick. However, when you constantly play the sad, dark instant replay of breakups and lies, you'll notice a nice little the fact that you "can't find a good man/woman".

3. Be what you want to get. I know that was a REAL Flocka type of statement. In other words, if you want a good, strong, intelligent man with good financial might not need to be ignorant and throwing money around. You want a woman who can keep house? Go clean your own damn house. That is all.

4. Prioritize, people. We know that refund season is coming around. If you're walking or taking the bus, why are you going to buy clothes, a flat panel, a laptop, Beats by Dre headphones, and other useless shit. Oh, and overthrow The Man. Pay bills in full if able. We all know they tell you that "your credit score will drop if you pay debts off in full". So what? You'll have money saved to avoid the need for some one else's credit. Let's put down the loans and pay cash. Looks like your credit score will drop one way or another, so at least make it to where you can save money for the rainy days of life.

5. It's not pronounced "credick".

6. Take care of your kids. This is not just for the daddies. Tax time is near, and I'm sure you'll be selling your kids to the highest bidder. Why not claim your own, and save your money? Oh, I guess that's too much like right. Save that money for the future. Invest in something. Don't buy your newest boyfriend the best and then drag your raggedy kids to Walmart.

7. Take care of yourselves. Too many of us are getting random headaches, pains, illnesses and frustrations. We can't be dropping dead. Nobody wants to go to your fune at a young age.

8. Don't give up on self-improvement. I am talking to myself too. I'm 10 months away from a Bachelors in Management. I'm about to embark on four dumbass classes, but I won't quit. I can do this, and you can too. Don't throw in the towel on improving your career, either. Pretty soon, everyone's cousins will be hired, and there will be jobs for people who don't have fam in HR.

Aight...go on aboot your business now. I'm going to do something constructive.

Nah, I'm lying. I'm going to play Michael Jackson on Wii!

You can't see me on Sunset Driver, sons....


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