Purify Yourself...aka-Human Detox

In the midst of all my message board trolling, I realized that people are severely miserable. Anytime an article about the sad death of the 9 year old little girl in Tucson draws negative comments, we have a problem. People have lost the ability to simply shut up, and have instead decided to exercise their 1st Amendment rights to be penises. By no means am I suggesting that people lose that right, but it seems as people's misery is at an all time high..and they decide that it must be spread at any cost.

In the real world, not the scripted reality show, but the REAL world with the light bills, negativity reigns supreme. People can't talk about anything without being bombarded with disrespectful words or being condemned. I'm not talking about those who keep it real and tell you the truth, but those who are just angry.

Bitter...like my auntie's greens.

You tell someone you're going to lose weight, but they're the first to tell you that you won't do it. How about the side eyes and curiosity that emerge if you decide to leave your comfort zone for a positive change? You announce that you have decided to live a cleaner, more wholesome life, and they have to be the first to remind you that you were the biggest Hellcat since the old broad on Apollo. Some of them figure that they're "just being real", but you have to ask, why can't they just support me? Truthfully, you are supposed to be your biggest motivator, and that is the best way to life your life. Make yourself happy and don't worry about the ignorance of others. However, is it a crime to want those you care about to show you the same support?

So this is where you come into the time in your life where you begin your detox. It's not a very easy process, but you have to enter into it with the idea that in the end...you'll be happier and mentally lighter. It's equivalent to a physical detox. You don't want to give up the good food, no matter how unhealthy....but you are aware that it needs to be done. Well, that applies to people too. We all know that it needs to be done. Just like with physical detoxing, you know when you need to filter out the impurities. When your skin gets oily and your body feels sluggish, you know something's not right inside. With your relationships, that is typically the same situation. Allow me to 'splain...

*You look at the phone and you get an odd feeling of dread. You may even verbalize this by saying "damn, what the HELL does he want"?

*You're physically exhausted when dealing with them.

*You get headaches. Yes, people can cause headaches.

*You act differently than you normally do. You find yourself cursing, clowning or doing activities that you really don't do.

*You feel a shift in your own aura. Rick James had an orange glow. Mine is blue. Not that sad blue, but it's blue. I like blue, so it can be blue. Alas, I digress...

Whenever you find yourself in that situation more than once, it's time to make a move towards purification. Trust me, the average person who makes you feel this crappy doesn't really give a damn about you anyway. Why not do what you have to do?

You have to leave the trash alone, people. If the trash is an alleged friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, soror, frat, church member, relative or some other expendable soul, leave them on the curb today. Trash pickup is cancelled tomorrow, but it will resume on Tuesday. Stop giving yourself grief and stress where none is needed. No longer should you waste time with anyone or anything that does you no good.

Be selfish. If a relationship (of any type) does nothing for you, then walk away from it. Period. Yeah, I said it. If it does nothing for you, then let it go. You best believe you are still in that person's life because you benefit that person. I mean, if not, they would have fired you long ago. You have knowledge, connections, money, power, or something that they need. You are of importance to them. So ask yourself what they have to offer you. If the answer is nothing of substance...

...exit...stage left, son.

If you MUST have involvement for some reason, go ahead and be cordial. But nobody said you had to ROLL with them!

Just purify your mind, body and soul. You'll notice a much happier existence once you do this. I mean, I see the effort people make to live better physically. That same effort should be applied mentally as well. What good is a strong body with a weak mind and soul?


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