So Just What ARE We For?

What are women for?

Seriously, I want some legit answers.

This question comes because for the last several days, if not weeks, I've seen social media reduce women to being nothing more than carriers for kids and sex toys for horny men. When a woman exercises her entire right and says "no" to sex or any kind of undesired action, she is automatically seen as a "bitch" or a "feminist". I guess if she decides to use that brain of hers, she's breaking the rules.

As an avid social media heffer, I know that there are some womenfokes who make it very difficult to see their perspectives. You see a lot of the extremes. You see odd ass statements from women who say that they don't wash themselves frequently, saying "it's my right to forgo deodorant and bathing because I am not doing it to impress you!"

Yeap. Saw a post about that on Tumblr.

But LORD knows, I digress.

When that evil boy in California killed several people because women rejected him, people actually cosigned to his manifesto saying that women deserve that type of treatment because they didn't give that boy sex! Yes, it's the duty of beautiful women to show men attention and stroke their egos to prevent mass murder. I was not privy to this until some time ago.

I am not an unrealistic woman. My ideals are simple: we have rights and we are fully allowed to use them. I believe that our rights are simple as well: we have the right to govern ourselves as we please. That means that if you want to forgo procreation or go full Duggar, that's your right. If you want to remain a virgin until marriage or have hot sex in 30 minutes, that's your right. I simply believe that women have so many options presented to them in life and they should go in the direction they desire.

I know some men (and women, unfortunately) think that marriage changes things..that upon signing the dotted line, you lose your voice. In the case of Spreadsheet Spouse, people called the wife all kinds of "Selfish Bitches" and even condoned her husband shitting on their vows because of their infrequent sexual activity.  Very few commenters across several sites recognized that there are several aspects we do not know. We don't know about her work schedule, but we know she cooks and cleans for him. We don't know how he requests sex. We don't know much beyond her shock and that funky ass spreadsheet. We do know that he felt the best way to communicate to his wife wasn't by opening his mouth and asking her "what's going on?" All we have are her answers, ranging from "watching her show" to "being tender from yesterday". Alas, we don't know much else.

The sadness that hits me when I read the interwebs and the rampant misogyny is immense. It makes me so worried for girls and women. It seems that as much ass as women kick in this world, in areas ranging from being homemakers to business owners (athletes, politicians, etc), we are still judged heavily and reduced to being walking tits and ass. We are judged because of things we do to improve ourselves. I'm watching a commercial for Keranique as I type and listening to a man gush about how this product makes his wife "look like the woman I married!" Wow. How dare she lose her hair?!

I know some people are going to read all of this and toss it into the "Raving Feminist" category. That's your right. I'm simply wondering what have women become and why are so many people accepting it? We are always reminded how all one has to do to keep her man happy is "feed him, fuck him and shut the fuck up!" Why do we even find that bullshit acceptable? We are not gotdamn robots! While I enjoy creating the finest of Pinterest recipies for my husband, I have other duties I am balancing, including my own personal health issues. When you tell women that all she needs to do is keep his belly full and dick drained, you don't consider her. At all. Life happens to us all, and you can't do anything about it other than govern yoself accordingly.

So yeah, what are we? Are we only useful to men if we keep their egos stroked? Do we lose our rights to free speech? Are we not enough if our hair is not long, our titties are not sitting high and our asses are not bubbled? If we don't cook well, are we relegated to quiet sex toys? If our feminine health changes our sexual situation, are we useless? 

Seriously. Because yall really got me feeling some type of way. Women used to be slick revered and respected. Not so much anymore, son.


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