Mane, F**k Cancer - a Rant

Cancer has gotten to me again today. The loss of a Panther (JPF Classmate) reminded me of the ugliness of that disease. A daughter lost her dad and a wife became a widow. All because of cancer.

I was already raw in the feels after catching up on the second season of Big Freedia and seeing his mom, Vera, in pain due to cancer. A trailer for next week's episode shows what his fans already knew..that cancer claimed another beautiful spirit.

Months ago, I watched cancer and chemo take an excited new mom, Jen Arnold, down so bad that she wasn't strong enough physically to enjoy her new daughter. It drove Angelina Jolie to a major surgery as a way to hopefully avoid the same fate her mom met.

On a regular human front, I've read so many articles about moms choosing to birth their babies at the expense of their survival. Facebook friends have shared personal battles with cancer. I just reached out to a friend whose mom is fighting. Another friend has a daughter at St. Jude. A good "twin" buried her brother weeks ago. Cancer is just killing the spirits and bodies of so many around me.

My grandmother Chuck Norris-ed cancer twice. However, in my joy for her survival, I have to remember that while she won twice, someone else lost. The ultimate emotional pimp slap.

Last year, I Raced for the Cure with my grandmother and friends on my mind. I was so excited about my walk that I forgot I really wasn't supposed to do it. But as my feet burned, I thought of the pain and fatigue others felt. How dare I quit when they did not? Think of others. While my crossing of the finish line changed nothing directly, it was a boost in spiritual support. They need it all to beat that cancer ass bitch.

What irks me most about it is how it attacks so many. It's not a respecter of person. I'm sure the medical cats have statistics, theories and suggestions. I keep seeing races for cures, but I want races for causes! It was speculated that living near the Army Depot caused my grandmother and many neighbors to end up with cancer. Poor diets have been thrown around as an explanation as well. But what is the explanation given for babies having it? Why are children dying from it?

Today's news of Deryk's death reopened a wound that never really healed for me. I have been angry as hell, fam. I always get mad when cancer claims someone, whether close to me or not. My mind begins to wonder off into the physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual damage that cancer creates. I can't help it.


If cancer was a human, it'd be getting the well whooped ass of the century.

I'm over it.



Anonymous said…
I just lost my my grandfather to cancer and my mom is the care giver to her brother who is dying from cancer as well.Its sad because families are destroyed and left hurting. All you can do is pray everyday.
Jackie Robinson-Tate

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