Liberation...A Lesson in Faith

I am just over a week into my retirement, and I think it's safe to say that I'm finally starting to enjoy myself!

Thing is, I'm not really DOING anything!  Maybe that's why I'm having so much fun!


On February 28th, 2014, I retired from my job after 12 years.  Yes, I took a huge leap of faith and left the place I worked since I was 19 years old.  Thus far, I have no regrets and I am very happy that I've done it.

There have been some people conveying to me that I shouldn't have done it.  I've gotten the speech about the job market and even a few people spouting the beautimus things about my former employer.  I listen.  I don't even throw slushies at them.  I just realize that, well, some cats can't handle you making a move that they wouldn't make themselves.

I told my Grandma Judy that I wished people would understand that I wouldn't do anything that would put my family at risk.  Best believe I consulted the Husband Half of this marriage before I signed anything.  She told me "people always have opinions, but never do they have anything to actually help."

That Judy.

Funny thing is, she's right.  Except for a few issues with cardinal directions and the proper way to say "possum", she is usually right.  People always have opinions but seldom do they have anything beneficial to contribute.  For years, I expressed my frustration with my job situation.  I talked about how I wanted to do something more with my career, like actually HAVE a career.  I mentioned how I want to make some grown person money.  I talked about the stress and all of that good stuff.  Only my inner circle offered help.

I am actually smarter than I look.  I read.  I research.  I am aware that the days of getting jobs easily are gone.  NOBODY lets me forget this!  But for true...I can't say that I care.  When you take a leap of faith, you have to take off the training wheels and ride confidently.  If I knew I wanted more out of my life and future, why would I keep doing the same old thing??  Tam said that she was not going to turn 32 in the same state she was in at age 31.  In order for that to come into fruition, I had to make a change!

The last two years have been a lesson in speaking things into existence.  I said that I wanted to lose weight and stop being so sick.  I did that.  I said I was going to get out of major debt and build my credit.  I did that.  Why would I go to my job and decide to wallow in complacency there?  If I know Tam can and should be doing more, Tam needed to make a step towards that.

This does not mean that I am completely fearless in this endeavor!  I am a tad nervous.  I had a minor spazz last week while doing a cover letter because I'd never done one before.  But once I got done, I knew what I had to do.  That's how this faith thing goes.  I step out there and have zero regrets about it.  If you're going to be questioning everything and acting fearful, then you aren't believing.

Whether you're religious or not, the bottom line is that you have to take the reigns and do what is best for you.  You have to speak and live positivity.  I know I try to do it.

When I drove off of that grass at my former employer on the morning of February 28th, I drove out with absolutely no idea whose parking lot I would enter as an employee next.  But I did put into the cosmos that I wanted to be on someone's payroll by May 1st.  I was only applying for jobs that I wanted to take and I was not settling for doing anything I didn't want to do.  I said I wanted a Monday through Friday gig with benefits.  I put it all out there, including the starting annual salary.  Yes.  I did.

The bottom line is that I am speaking things into existence!  I am enjoying this time off because I needed it.  I am getting my hair, teeth and eyes worked on so I can be ready for my next move.  I cannot operate on fear and stress anymore.

I could go on, but I'm sleepy.  I literally drove around aimlessly from Shelby Forest to Southaven, then to Marshall County and back to Collierville.  Methinks I'll do it again Wednesday.  Mainly because I can.

Anyhoo..if you have any connections, let ya girl know.  In the meantime, I'm going to do the Party Line like Phill Wade did.




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