A Few Thoughts, Yo

Good morning, people and others.

I'd like to share with you a few opinions about a few things.  I shan't be very long, as I think I'm sick or something.

*The "Noah" Controversy:  I've mentioned it twice by way of reposts, but I've decided to take a little more time on my little space and tell you how I feels.  I think I need the Caps Lock for this - CALM YOUR RESPECTIVE TITS, PLEASE!  There we go.  First of all, as I mentioned on my Facebook page, you do NOT go to the theaters expecting to find anything accurate about any historical thing.  Biopics, historical romps, period films, etc..all take some kind of liberties in order to make the film better, funnier, shorter or acceptable to the MPAA.  I get that we all expected the tale that we heard all through Sunday School about the man loading Le Ark with two of each animal and whatnot.  It's a story that children raised by Christian parents have heard forever and a day.  Even my kids know about it.  However, to get inflamed to Boycott Level because an Atheist directed it and it's not "accurate" is a waste of energy.  It really is.  People are really going on hearsay from those who have actually seen it and they're really rallying for this to be an epic flop.  I mean, that IS the Christian way of thought, isn't it?  "You don't reverence us, we want you to fail."  As a Christian, who believes in God and has faith in Him, I don't think this is worth being upset about.  At all.  As a movie fan, I already expected there to be "inaccuracies" because first of all, they slapped an Australian man in the starring role.  I could go on with how films have whitewashed and messed up stories over the decades, but you all already knew this...right?

*LORD, THEY DONE SHOT BENZINO!  Now that we know he ain't dead, I can be shady.  As my good friend Sir AggieCEO mentioned, you DO know ol' dude has teardrop tats on his face.  Unless I missed something, methinks that means something criminal.  Yeah, it totally bites that he got shot at his mom's fune.  Nah, no buts about it.  We'll never know the real story though.

*Oprah's Stepmom is SO Getting Evicted, Son: The web is abuzz with how Oprah could "allow" such a thing to happen.  It's that thing where people think Oprah is financially responsible for anyone related to her until they return to the Earth.  Her stepmom isn't even married to her dad anymore, so she'd be well within her right not to be responsible for her anymore.  Another thing, her stepmom didn't want to sign a disclosure agreement to get the house free and clear.  Word is, she's lost other buildings, so I'm inclined to believe that somebody mortgaged some properties for some loot or didn't square some taxes.  The proceedings are set for Monday, so let's see how this plays out.  Alas, Oprah has no dependents.  She doesn't HAVE to do anything but stay Black and die...and do so in High Fashion.

*Common Core Shade:  Fokes don't like it.  The interwebs are abuzz about how sucky it is.  Of course, the optimist in me says "let's just deal with it until it goes away", but the table flipper in me says "go back to the OLD SCHOOL".  I'm not a teacher, so I can't say anything in particular about it because I'm on the outside looking in.  But I will say that we learned just fine.  Our younger siblings learned just fine.  Nobody died but twice.  All was well.

*The Sixers Won a Game!  That is all.

I guess that'll conclude my thoughts for the day.  I have job applications to put in and apparently, a kid to feed in thirty minutes.



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