You Can't Fill Up On Bread and Water...

I'm not going to be before you long...

I know those are famous last words from a many a COGIC pastor...lmao!  But I was just thinking about something vexing my little soul.

People really don't know what they are worth anymore.  They think that they have to just take whatever you throw at they are some starved out dogs.  I remember being that way some years ago myself.  I didn't know my value...what I really deserved...and I always had someone who felt that same way about me.  When I say "felt that same way about me", I mean that they knew I didn't know what I they didn't apply themselves.

If I thought I was worthy of only getting one phone call per week, they didn't bother to call me twice a week.  I didn't think I deserved a wonderful night on the town, so I took the little Chinese food date at my humble abode.  Again I stress, damaged people attract damaged that's what I always got.  Even though some of the people in my life knew I was better than what I put up with, I didn't.  I told them I was cool...I was "okay with it".  They shook their heads and went on.

One valuable lesson I learned in life...people who really REALLY love you/care for you/have love for you are NOT going to sit back and watch you destroy yourself.

I know I pissed off a couple friends in life by being perfectly okay with settling for less.  Looks like errbody was mad but me.  In hindsight, I should've been ready to cut a shine.  Didn't think I was worth it.

So yeah, you're looking at that title and wondering if my Fat Kid Senses flared up again or if I want to go to Red Lobster and have some of the finest Cheddar Bay Biscuits.  Damn right I do.  I'm prolly going to make them junts one day.  Here's the recipe, son:



What if you had never been to (or heard of) Red Lobster before?  What if you were with someone who didn't let you see the menu?  If the waiter had brought you them sexy ass biscuits and water all evening, you'd be appreciative as hell because..well, them some fie ass biscuits.  You and your date are having a great time eating free biscuits and drinking a gang of water.  After a while, you're full and you're perfectly satisfied.

What if you told someone about your trip to Red Lobster with the fie biscuits and cold water and they said "you know them sumbitches sell some fie seafood too, right"?  You're shocked...perplexed...bewildered..slick salty with the high blood pressure from all them biscuits.  So you tell your date "next time, I want more than just biscuits".

So you two go back...and the same thing happens again.  Fie ass biscuits and cold ass water...

Subsequently, you find yourself wanting to have more than bread and water when you go to Red Lobster.  I many times would you go back and forth before you finally say "screw this, I want some shrimp or a corner of a crab leg or something"?  Or would you settle for bread and water?  Would you take a stand and tell him to give you the damn menu and let you pick what you wanted or would you keep eating biscuits and drinking water because you didn't want to lose the little bit you WERE getting?

I look at life like can't fill up on bread and water if you want a gotdamn steak*.

If you want a great man/woman, get rid of the fillers.  That means get rid of all those extra unnecessary people that fill you up with nothing of substance.  Yeah, them some fie ass biscuits, but why not demand more?  Why not stand up for yourself and say you want a balanced meal?  You want more than someone to take you for a snack and screw want someone to love you, support you, care for you, respect you and be more than a screw buddy you hang with in the daytime.

Shouldn't you desire more than a 2 piece snack?  I think it's safe to assume that if you really want more, you need to make that shit known and stop being desperate.  There is so much beauty inside of you that someone will see that shit and want to give you more than some damn bread...but how can he or she do this when you're kicking it with Bread Boy or Bread Girl.  Steak Mane or Steak Woman is out there...but you can't see that because you don't think you're worth it.

Well my dears and sirs, if you don't see it...then I promise nobody else will.  One of the best things I ever did for myself was to start wanting more and demanding more of those who wanted to be in my life.  I think more people should do the same.


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