Just Some Thoughts, aka - Yeah, Son.

1.  I don't find anything wrong with stating your beliefs. I don't even have to agree with them.  What makes this country SOMEWHAT cool is the ability to have differing beliefs without someone murdering you.  However, what makes this country somewhat sucky is that people like to take their First Amendment right and bash you for not agreeing.  Why can't you simply say "let's agree to disagree" and move on?

2.  Jason Collins announced he was gay and the web has been abuzz.  I already knew to expect people to disagree with his lifestyle and coming out.  What I did NOT expect was for people to only be allowed to fall into two categories: Supportive or Homophobe.  I am a proud, PROUD ally, but even I know some people simply don't agree with people being gay.  Voicing your disagreement with the lifestyle but maintaining respect for the PERSON is fine.  Treating them horribly due to your disagreement sucks.

3.  What I will admit being tired of hearing is "why do they have to FORCE gay on everyone" and the whole "Gay Agenda" thing.  To me, it goes to show how the majority is so comfortable in their majority status that they don't seem to think of others.  I'm on the outside looking in, as I am a straight woman married to a man.  However, a part of me wonders why it's cool to flaunt your straightness but it's "gross" for gays to be out.  I can post all the pics of me and my husband boo-ed up that I want. I can repost pics from our wedding shower.  I can brag on the pic of our marriage license about how happy I am to be married to him.  Aside from someone saying "damn son, you SPRUNG ain't it", I don't think I'd be told that I'm "forcing my heterosexual agenda" on people.  If anything, I'm happily in love..and I don't care who sees.  Why is it a problem for gays to do the same?

4.  On another note, I'm slick proud of Facebook for the "Hide Post" and "Unfollow Post" option.  Not proud of much else about them somebeeshes doe.

5.  Something about Beyonce doesn't let me LIKE her like her.  Oh, I know what it is, that whole GrimaceGate thing.  WHOO!  The fact that she is going to have her people distribute pics of her to news sources during her Mrs. Carter Tour takes away that "touchable" quality she used to have in my eyes.  I was never one of her greatest fans musically (I like about 6 songs that she's sang on TOTAL), but I respected her hustle and the ability to give her fans what they want time and time again.  I still can't knock her hustle.  Alas, I know what it's like to have some ugly ass pics of yourself in the atmosphere that you want to go away.  But damn, you are BEYONCE.  If people stopped wanting pics of you, you would then be Ciara.

That was out of spite.

6.  No matter what I do, I can't seem to get enough eggs. Them junts is fuego. Huevos Fuegos. Yeah, not sure if that's legit or not, but yeah.

7.  Everytime I get ready to take off running, something happens.  This week's episode is "My Left Knee Still Ain't Right from Tumbling in Wendy's".  Then the nuggets were mediocre.  Maybe I'll be back right by next week so I can hit this track like a boss.  Lemme check the weathery-thingy.

8.  Tumblr be slick pissing me off.  I am thinking aboot seriously having a Come to Jesus meeting with my follower list.  I'm tired of the hyper angry, uber feminist, you ain't shit cuz you want to lose weight, you ain't shit cuz you got a relaxer, etc. crowd.  I just want some mindless fun, fie memes and animated gifs that kick all the ass.  TUMBLR GIFS ROCK!

9.  My friends are more fabulous than your friends.  You want fabulous friends, but you can't have them because I have them all.



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