Some Couples Kill Me Mane...

I swear fo' cheese and crackers...what happened to having your own identity?  Can you not be YOU while being with another?  I mean, I don't want to be with someone who wants to be on me like that damn Black Symbiote that took out dude..

Is it no longer popular to be who you are, be happy WITH someone but not sell out?  Can you have a Facebook page without it being "JaneNJohn's Page"?  I be like "Jesus mane...didn't you live before this person?"

Maybe in this day and time, the puppy love style of dating has expanded to adults.  You have to have the finest of PDA, matching shirts ALL the time, you can't have a convo without the significant other's name popping up...and you have to prove to everyone in every picture that you love that person so damn much.  Can't have a status or a Tweet without leaving your mush everywhere.

I've had enough.  I'm tired.  Shoot.


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