Why I Decided On Surgery..De-Fat Posting

Okay so this is going to be one of those posts that will result in somebody being butthurt.  I have no earthly idea why because it means said butthurt soul would be that way for something unrelated to them.

Yes, I have had Gastric Bypass Surgery...and no, I do not regret it one bit.  I also don't think it's up to anyone to tell me the following (in a completely unsolicited manner):

*Who had it and regretted it

*Who had it and had a gang of wrinkles, extra skin or whatnot

*What they think of people who have weight loss surgery



Yes, these memes help me be a snarky bastard yet keep the mood light.

Before I go any further, I am not a jerque.  I am not someone who walks around with a perpetual attitude and my nose turned up at everyone.  I don't have disdain for people's opinions and I do accept that I am not the only person in the world.  I can discuss things and be okay if you don't roll with me.  But what you are not going to do is browbeat me into feeling bad about making a decision to improve my quality of life.

I have been on a journey to healthier eating for about six months total.  Mainly because I heard the alternative sucked.  People of all ages, races and weights were getting sick or having issues that we shouldn't be having.  After not one, but TWO trips around Memphis wearing The Black Cow (the black cast on my fractured ass left BitchFoot)...I wanted to make sure there wasn't a third round.

A part of accepting that it was time for me to do something was to accept what all needed to be done.  Aside from eliminating sheet I didn't need in the first place, I needed to lighten the load that these feets were carrying.  I had been hearing years of threats that my genetic condition with my feets PLUS a lot of extra weight could equal a life in a wheelchair for me.  I would always have some kind of issue, but that whole wheelchair thing scared me when I got in that cast for the second time.  I mean, how else was I going to do that Maury dance if I was in a wheelchair?

I didn't have any other illnesses, but I didn't want any of them hoes either.  The more I thought, the more I realized that I had to get this weight down.  Even as I began to accept myself as I was, I still had to be real with myself.  This wasn't a Vague Future Health Threat, this was real.  I had to do something about it and I needed this to be permanent.  I was working out and learning how to eat better...but I needed another tool to make sure I wouldn't end up failing.  

That was when I went to the meeting at St. Francis Hospital and began working on the process to have Gastric Bypass.  I looked at all the material...all the pictures...all the links...all the lectures..and I knew it was what I needed to do.  I knew that surgery combined with the changes I'd been making would guarantee success.  Why "guarantee"?  Because I didn't go into those nutrition classes and appointments with this idea that I was going to "miss" certain foods and that I was going to bust my rabbit ass with help from knowledgeable people.

On November 5th, 2012, I had that damn surgery.  I didn't have any complications (besides watching the election and drinking water like a bawse and overdoing it), and once my drainage tube was removed the next week, I was on the road to recovery and living great.

As of last week, I have lost 40 pounds.  I haven't been sick and I am very proud of myself for having the right mindset for such a major life changing decision.  I don't walk around grieving the loss of food...I look forward to increased mobility and good ass living.

I'm sure that as people find out, someone will have a problem with it.  That's why I'm being open about my decision and my journey.  I'm sure someone knows someone who lost a gang of weight without surgery and I will concur that I know them too.  While we're at it, I know other surgical successes and failures...I also know people who back me and who think I "took the easy way out".  Believe me when I say that in spite of my lighthearted nature, this was a VERY serious decision and I do not regret it one bit.

A part of being an adult is that you have to make decisions.

Nobody said people would like all of them.

This is one of them.



I concur I had the gastric sleeve surgery on july 7 and I have lost 140 lbs. Notwithout struggle and even a few complications but it was the best decision for me and my future. Congrats and best wishes to you.
EarthWindFire82 said…
Thank you so much! Congratulations on your journey as well! I know some people just won't understand it, but it's worth it in the end!
LadyLeo816 said…
I am very proud of your progress. I admire you. Keep up the wonderful work.

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