All Things Considered..a De-Fat Journey Post

I've learned a lot in the last few weeks.  As one could clearly see, I hadn't posted worth a damn in the last 6 or so weeks.  Wait...hell...I don't remember. OH YES I DID POST SOMETHING!



I guess I'll go on with my thoughts because apparently, if I do not blog them, I will lose them.


You know what I've learned in the time that I've been fat?  I've learned that people really do think they know you based on your body.  I think I've finally accepted that this is simply a way of life if you are over a certain BMI or ideal (as based upon the person looking at thine ass).  I got yet another message from a person who didn't like my Tumblr posts about eating and living healthier...and it was based upon "looking at your pics" and "seeing that you obviously aren't doing what you say" because "you'd totally be skinny by now".

I didn't read her the riot act like I read the dude with hypertension..but I simply suggested that she unfollow because I was not going to hide what I learned in order to appease her.  I also told her that if she was dumb enough to use pics of me to determine if I'm "healthy" that I didn't need her readership any damn way.

It's so damn funny and commonly accepted that you can nail a person's entire health history with a look at the exterior.  I wonder why that's okay?  Has the Biggest Loser desensitized people into thinking that every overweight person drinks 5 two liters o' Mountain Dew..

..or Mountain Holler if funds are low..

..or that every single person bigger than that rapper with the hair and the ass is that way because they don't eat well or they don't exercise.

I know I've blogged about that before, but it's incredible just how insane it is to exist as a fat person in this damn country these days.  I mentioned some blogs ago how I was teased at every turn and I know it won't change, even as I lose weight.  I'm sure people will suddenly like to hang with me because I'm not The Fat Friend...

..but not know that I'm still who I am..just a lot lighter with a lot less foot pain.

I hate to bring up how incredibly asinine it is to assume you know someone by such changeable features as your body size.  I get tired of having to cite examples of not-as-fat fokes suffering from ailments stereotypically put in the category of "Shit Fat Fokes Die From".  Maybe I should just stop.

Alas, if I shut up now, I won't be making a difference.

So I sip this Nekkid Juice that I'm SURE somebody spit in..


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