Well, I Guess Fokes Aren't "Ready to Learn".

How DARE Brian McKnight have a sense of humor?!

He can't say the *whispers* "pussy" word!

Many people felt Brian crossed a line when his video "Ready to Learn" went viral...pissing off about 813 Black fokes in 45 minutes today.  What's hilarious is the fact that people are REALLY MAD!

When I first heard it, I died...resurrected...then subsequently died again, thus making me a zombie. I still have tits though, so I haven't fully decayed like Kadeem did on "Vampire in Brooklyn" as of this blog.


For some odd reason, using his velvety soft voice to tell the woman that she should let him "show you how your pussy works" and even remarking that he bet she "didn't know that it could squirt". I bet that was one shocked broad because she was likely previously unaware of such an action.  Either that or she thought she was so giddy that she pissed the bed.


But...he didn't say "let me beat that *whispers* pussy up" though...that was Yin Yang who said that.

And THAT is what has me shaking my head...the fact that women (and a handful of dudes) are really upset, bent, pissed, and/or sad that Brian said the *whispers* "pussy" word. Brian can't say the *whispers* "pussy" word?

*goes Strange`*

Pussy. Pooh-see. PUSSY!

Sorry. It was bound to happen today.


In a time in which R&B and Rap music has long given a reduced number of damns about what they sang about on a woman's body, why is this so scandalous?  Is it because BRIAN MCKNIGHT said  *whispers* "pussy" word?  Is it because he crafted an image of singing of love, romance, starting Back at One and being Still in Love? Does it have to do with having One Last Cry or trying to Find Myself in You?

Hell, he also said What We Do Here Stays Here...*fans self*

I like that damn song, by the way.

Does it have to do with the shock of him going against the grain of an image that he crafted musically?  Like "gasp", he isn't supposed to say *whispers* "pussy" word!

Why not?

Is he or is he not grown?  Should he or should he not have the right to sing what the hell he wants?

Yall let everyone else sing about *whispers* "pussy" and talmbout how they "invented sex".  Rappers call women bitches and hoes and have been since jheri curls were socially acceptable.  Why did rappers and singers go platinum and sell out concerts singing about sex, bitches and money...and...nobody...




***well, like about 8 women gave a damn***

Robert Sylvester said a chick reminded him of a gotdamn Jeep and broads were losing their respective tits and thought it was so damn sexy.

But when a negro is courteous enough to help show you how your *whispers* "pussy" works, you get all pissed off.

Ungrateful wretches.

Would it have been better if he asked you to do it with "no hands"???



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