Three Weeks in...and I've Lifted a Deltoid!

As indicated by me title, I'm three weeks into my lifestyle change.  I haven't weighed myself or broke out the tape measure yet, and I don't think I will do it right now.  I doubt I'd be mad at the changes (if any), but I rather wait until after I get this dadgummed eating pattern right.  Apparently, the hardest part of de-fatting my ASS isn't the bike riding and walking, it's the eating!

I haven't sinned drastically, even on Le Cheat Day.  I have had a really reduced appetite since I'd been working out more, so I decided that was of the Wicked Persuasion.  I've been putting down liters of agua at work, which is great because I used to be a Dr. Pepper drainkin' individual.  I stopped with the wayward snacks and didn't pig out at lunch.  I thought I was well on my way here.  I'd eat breakfast and it wasn't a 5 piece hot wing from Krystal's.  When I ate dinner, I ate until I was full..regardless of what was left when I got to said fullness.  In other words, when Tam no hungry, Tam no eat!

And Tam was effing up.

A typical day was a breakfast and dinner with about 3-5 liters of water in between.  Occasionally, I'd have a snack of something, but I didn't have an appetite.  One day, I got sick as a dog after I got home because I had eaten breakfast at 8am and not touched anything other than the finest of H2O all day.  I proceeded to exercise like a BAWSE...and nearly died like one too.

Not DIED dead, but like, I wasn't right.

Had to take to the bed early that day.

The nice gentleman who's training me by the name of Gene Williams gave me a plan of eating that wasn't really as restrictive as I thought it would be.  Six days on, one day of Le Cheat.  Three full tea and a citrus fruit when I wake up...etc.  Why is that the HARDEST PART?!?

It wasn't hard walking away from Ben & Jerry.  Wasn't very hard to drink mad gallons of water either.  But getting into the rhythm of eating three squares and a healthy snack twice a day is hard when you haven't too long ago trained yourself not to eat crap if you aren't truly hungry.  Lately, I was eating every 12 hours and not being sick to my stomach.


Now I'm supposed to take in something almost every 2-3 hours.  Nothing heavy like a ham, but fruit or something.  Today, I had a turkey sammich on wheat about 9:00am, then some carrots about noon.  Didn't finish the sammich and barely murked the handful o' carrots.

So needless to say, eating at 3pm looks odd to my soul.  Combine that with all the water, and you'll see why I don't eat much.

Well...nobody said I'd go from Chunque to Less Chunque in a month.  Alas, the journey continues.



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