HEY! It's a T.E.N. Report!

Today's rambunction (made that word up) is brought to you today by the letter D and the number 62.

So, today's episode got some weddings in it, and a couple of babies. It's some more stuff in here, but if I tell you all of it now, you ain't gon' keep reading.


This here is Emmy Rossum. I don't think many fokes know who the hell she is, but I remember her from "Phantom of the Opera" with that hot bowl of sex that is Gerard Butler. To about 15 more people around the world, she was Bulma in the "Dragonball: Evolution" movie. Well, fokes found out this 23 year old chick was married...when her husband filed for divorce. She's now dating the dreadhead dude from Counting Crows...who's like 45. (Right McNasty)

Here are a few pics from the Khloe Kardashian/Lamar Odom Make Like Wedding...

Yeah, it's a Make Like Wedding for the reality show. See, they're not really married-married per se. They're more like hitched with a side of "wait until we hash out this prenup".

Holla "we want prenup"


In other Kardashian family news, Kim sucked, I mean worked her way back into Reggie Bush's heart. Good for you, poopie...

Congratulations to Essence Atkins for allowing Match.com to find her a husband. She married this here cat the other day. Met him online. Happily ever after. Might end up on a commercial.


Oh and word on the porch is that LisaRaye and The Right Revered Al Sharpton are...DATING! If I find out something different, I'll let you know...

Who's getting the roller set first...

Tocarra has shrunk profusely and started dating Rasual Butler.

Here's Kimora & Djimon's baby Kenzo at the airport. Awww...

Rebecca Gayheart and Eric "McSteamy" Dane are having a baby after eons of trying! She's about four months along now...and STILL SMOKING! Yeah, let's hope she gets right....

Speaking of Baby he got Lil' Wayne's birthday tatted on his arm.

*new crickets*

Clean, sober and all new motherly Jamie Foxworth had to file a restraining order on her baby's daddy. The dude from "Life After" who LOVEDED her (yeah I said it), tried to push her out the car. And while she was breastfeeding.


Lloyd said he was cool with Ciara but she's all stank Hollywood now. She has her nerve. If you can't sing in key, you needn't act stank...AUTO TUNE FOR YOU!

This is Foxy Brown. This pic has been added to the "Kill It" category.

This is Norwood Young. He's in said category too. He was hostng a tribute show for Michael Jackson so we'll not talk TOO bad about him today...*cough*...

BTW, The Late, Great MJ's movie documentary "This is It" is already selling out around the world. Good job.

Aight fokes, I'm out.

I promise not to be gone longer than Eddie Murphy's career next time, okay!



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