The Art of Being Grown

Good day good sirs and madams,

This is a short rant/note to get some mess off my mammaries. I have to go ahead and put this out there. I know that some cats will try to see between the lines and "analyze" who I could be referring to. The thing is, a grown person will only focus on governing themselves accordingly...which means you might not qualify if you are trying to see who I'm "busting out".

See how this goes?


Aight, as I was doesn't take much to qualify as being a grown man or woman. However, it is a little deeper than being 18 with an MLGW bill in your name. It entails a little more responsibility, and it isn't easy.

1. First of all, as a grown person, your decisions will not always be popular with the general public. I had that as a status update some time ago, but I need to elaborate. You may do what is best for you and your situation, but it is guaranteed that in the process, someone will get pissed. It is a GUARANTEE that you will piss someone off. I can put my last $7 in quarters down on that.

2. You have to be HONEST people! Spitting game and lying doesn't make you grown. It makes you very, VERY immature. See, little boys have to lie to kick it. They have to lie about their age to hang with the older boys and they have to lie to get liquor. Little girls lie to get out the house and they lie when they say their hanging with a female friend so they can go be with their boyfriends. Grown people don't have to lie about anything at all! You can tell that young lady that you don't have a house in Cordova and that Suburban you riding in is a Hertz Gold Special. The result of said admission may put you back in a situation similar to that of #1 (in other words, she's going to be mad you ain't a baller, poo-poo), but you will have respect.

3. Your intimate relationships should be in order if you proclaim to be grown as hell. Whether you are celibate or you buy-a-bit, you should have your affairs in order. If you decide to take the grown route and follow #1 & #2, then your #3 will work out just fine! That means if you are dating Junior but you want to get some of Roscoe, James and Theodis, then make sure you run that past Junior. What? How dare I say that you tell Junior that you are trying to smash someone else? Well, here's why I suggest this: because if you are grown, you can be honest (#2) and risk pissing Junior off (#1) so Junior won't find out through Sherman that you are spreading your love around. In other words, if you want to have an open relationship then be real about it. Don't disrespect yourself and the person who cares about you by playing games.

4. A grown person will most likely keep their business to themselves anyway. Granted, we all have someone we run things past, but the usage of Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Tagged, Blackplanet, Collegeclub, or MocoSpace to broadcast your ills with someone else is the ultimate of Anti-Grown! If you have a situation with anyone, then exercise your options #1 & #2 and do what you got to do. If you don't like something that was done, then speak it...shit!

We all know that a grown person doesn't have to explain themselves to anyone..period. However, before you quickly slap the statement up about being "grown" and that "my business is my business", make sure you are actually governing yourself as a grown man or woman should. I am 100% certain that we all have our episodes, but for the most part...make sure you got yourself together before you start using that tem loosely. Just like the term "Man" has been used loosely, make sure we don't abuse "grown" either.


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