T.E.N. Two Cents Report, aka-I Figured

Hello fokes! I thought I would take this time to tell all of my readers that I should've put money down on Chris Brown and Rihanna getting back together.

I would've had thirty dollars or something.

I got the report on Friday night and more confirmation in the last day or so. I read on one article that message boards have been lighting up. One guy said "abusive men everywhere are rejoicing". Others I have seen said that she was stupid, and I have seen much worse comments about it everywhere. The general consensus is that she was stupid.

I would like to tell you all that situations like this one happens all the time, so why be pissed?

You know that friend who's dating that guy? The dude that ain't worth a damn? He never treats her right, and when he does, it isn't for a very long time? Or what about that dude that you just KNOW is cheating on her, but she says that "he wouldn't do that to her"??? I got another one...what about the friend who is with that dude that got three kids by three women and is living with a "friend" but the girl can't ever go over there to see him?

Well, remember how you and the coalition of the willing staged an intervention to tell her that she doesn't have to take that mess and she can do better? You handed her some tissue to wipe her tears away as you told her all the facts to her situation, and she said that she is NOT going to take this anymore and it's OVER!

Then you end up being a bridesmaid in her wedding to the not-shit guy.

Go figure.

We have all been in situations where we're that person telling our loved one that she doesn't need to put up with the nonsense. A few of us have been that friend who has been in a messed up situation as well...hell, ask Friend Jeremy and he'll tell you he had to swear me off for Lent one year because of all my mess! LMAO! Alas, I digress.

So in the situation we have here, we have Rihanna and Chris in Miami patching things up at Diddy's place of residence. The entertainment world is buzzing, and so many people have things to say. I guess I'm included. Damn...but anyway, I have said from the jump that we do not know what really went on that Sunday night a few weeks ago. Since he was picked up from the police station, Wrigley's has dropped him, the Got Milk? ads have been removed, and different radio stations are banning his music. All the coalitions, organizations, groups, feminists and others have started lambasting the boy, and he is only being accused of making threats.

in other words, threatening to cut a shine...like I do every three business days

Even as the pics of Rihanna showed up on TMZ, people have said that he apparently beat the brakes off of her. And everyone who said otherwise was talked about royally. One caller into the Tom Joyner Morning Show said that those marks don't look like the many beatings she suffered from. Instead, they looked like the "defensive wounds she got from beating HIS ass". Nobody wanted to touch that situation at all.

So where am I going with this whole rant? I'm simply saying that millions of people have been trying to encourage her to leave him alone. I'm saying that nobody wants to recognize that they are young people who have to go through their relationship ups and downs in front of the whole world!!! We have to understand that Chris has not been charged in the court of law for doing anything to her, and we have to be prepared for the probabilty of him not being charged with anything.

In other words, people have to recognize that Rihanna is that friend that you have talked to for weeks. They have told her not to go back, they have told her he's wrong for what he did, and he knows he was wrong. People have taken on the "you know what he did and he was WRONG" perspective, and now have to own up to the fact that she went back to the man she loved.

What can you do?

I guess we should begin hearing his songs on the radio again. Oh, and I wouldn't be shocked if Brother Brown files a few lawsuits. I mean, he has been slandered quite a bit, don't you think?


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