The Art of Mule Holding (The Chris Brown Saga)

I think that I'm bubbling again. Therefore, I find the need to rant again. I am so sick and tired of this mess with Chris Brown and Rihanna. I may have already said this, but I have read some more message boards and it has reminded me that I am tired of the foolery. I have to get this off my chest.

I just commented on Entertainment Weekly's message board. Chris Brown has been nominated for a Kids' Choice Award, and apparently, some people are up in arms. I was reading about all the parents who stated that they were prepared to boycott Nickelodeon and were stating that Chris Brown needed to be pulled from the ballot. Man, you should've seen all the mess. The most commonly used term was "role model".

I absolutely DISPISE hearing and seeing parents say a celebrity is a role model for their kids!

I found it necessary to comment to remind them that as parents, we should not take it upon ourselves to allow an image to be the role model our kids need. I mean seriously, these celebrities do not get paid enough to be a role model for our kids. You then have to take into consideration that we have never met these people before, and we are allowing our kids to place them on a pedestal that should include someone of true substance and character, not someone who IS a character. For all we know, these people we call "role models" are not who we make them out to be.

Remember how PeeWee Herman fell? What about all these basketball players? Some of these "role models" people set up for their kids have multiple kids they don't pay child suport for. Kobe had to go to trial for rape. What about these singers and musicians? What about these actors? Jamie Lynn Spears was Nickelodeon's star and she is a what--unmarried teen mom? I'm not knocking anyone for their lifestyle, but I'm simply stating that some of these role models aren't exactly the morallly upstanding people that our kids should look forward to emulating.

So, on this message board, I went off. I have already grown tired of Chris Brown-bashing in the media and then to say that Nickelodeon should essentially throw off voting because he was accused of something. A few people made good points including "well, if he's removed then take Rihanna off the ballot too. After all, she DID go back" and "I don't remember him being found guilty". I thought that there was due process in law that requires you being accused, charged, tried, and proven guilty or innocent? I believe that this man is due his day in court and in the interim, he is due his respect.

I couldn't believe my ears when I heard Tom Joyner say "I have seen the affidavit and I am NOT playing Chris Brown's music anymore". When Sybil questioned that decision, he said "well, once he has done his four or five years, if you want to hear his music, THEN I'll play it". Are you serious? You read one side of the story and decide that you are going with that side? Who the HELL does he think he is? I can see :
the need for domestic violence discussions to come up, but I pose this question:

Prior to this mess, did ANY of these media outlets discuss domestic violence awareness this damned much? I mean media outlets and shows such as Tom Joyner, Steve Harvey, Michael Baisden, Media TakeOut, Young Black & Fabulous, Oprah, Dr. Phil, etc.

I am serious. I have heard Michael Baisden talk about it periodically before this came up, but all of these other joints? Not so much. Suddenly, some of these cats are card-carrying Domestic Violence campaign teams. Now, Chris Brown is the new Ike Turner and Rihanna is now being told to talk to Tina Turner. Yeap, for real. Oprah says "he WILL hit you again" and is running a series of shows about the topic of domestic violence. I just get so tired of bandwagon jumping fokes who hear bits and pieces and go ape shiggity!

I think it's fair to say that after seeing the pics of her face, we have to believe that something went down in that car on that night last month. The only issue is that nobody knows what that truly is but the two of them. Some stories are reporting the unpopular story that "Rihanna saw some texts on his phone and got abusive, and he defended himself". That isn't the story being spread around the media. What is getting all the press is the fact that he's charged and she got hurt. So, what if it turns out that he really didn't start that fight and those were defensive wounds that Rihanna had? Would the public all turn on her the way that people have turned on him?

Would domestic violence groups steamroll her "Good Girl Gone Bad Reloaded Version 3.2 Part Six" CD's?

Would Steve Harvey talk about getting his neices and sisters on their sons' girlfriends if his boys came home beat up or would Steve call them punks for letting a girl beat on them?

Would Tom Joyner stop playing her songs until she's completed counseling?

Would parents say she's a bad role model and she shouldn't sell another album?

Would the public be okay if Chris Brown recorded "Breakin Dishes" from a male perspective and said "I'ma fight my girl tonight" if she came home late with no explanation?

Of course not! The same public that is sending Chris to hell is the same public that would disrespect him worse for being beat on by a woman.

In the end, this rant is just my opinion. I'm just asking the public to withhold their condemnation until that man is found guilty. His career is shot to hell and all he has done was be accused. I just want people to give this man his due time in court. Stop holding fokes you don't know in high regard in your kids' lives and for damn sure, stop cutting a shine on half of the story.



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