T.E.N. Snippets for March 13, 2009

I still ain't got no Wii-placement for my pilfered system.

At any rate, here are a few bits to entertain yoself. Today's report is brought to you today by me, myself and I. Chuck Norris also sponsored this report, so it's going to explode after he roundhouse kicks me.

*I'd like to begin by saying that whooping ass must be in style seeing as Bebe Winans got in trouble for cutting a shine on his ex-wife. I'm going to leave that at the end of the 20 foot pole because I ain't touching it...BUT I gots a mugshot from the web!

*The daughter of America's least favorite second place winner is now single. Bristol Palin and Levi "I Rather Go Muddin' Than Wear a Suit" Johnston are no longer engaged! As for the reason behind all the mess, it is stated that this was an amicable split. Amicable my ass, I called this eons ago and said that they weren't getting hitched if Ms. Sairy lost the VP spot...

*Everyone's second favorite weedsmoker Cheech Marin is engaged. GEET it Cheech!

*New pic of Dru Hill. Laugh. You know you want to.

*I know this is late, but did anyone notice that the Oscars left out Eartha Kitt in the memorial? Did they not know she was gone to Glory? I hope the Academy Award crew gets haunted by hearing "Mahhhhh-cuss" in their sleep forever. Pull the levah...


*Izzie Stevens ain't right.


The interns have diagnosed her with Stage IV skin cancer that has metastized to her brain and such. 5% chance of survival. She told Cristina because she had to let it out. As to how it's going to go, only Shonda Rhimes knows. Well, that and the dude from Entertainment Weekly.

*A poster for Quentin Tarantino's next movie "Inglorious Basterds". I spelled it the way it's supposed to go. As for the explanation of the bat and such, this movie stars Brad Pitt and is narrated by Samuel L. Jackson about some soldiers killing Nazis. I don't mean shooting them either. Apparently, Brad's character said he wanted 100 Nazi scalps and sometime down the line of the trailer shows someone aboot to go upside someone's head with said bat.


*Miley Cyrus said she couldn't move with her 20 year old boyfriend quite yet because she'd go crazy. Nothing about the whole thing about her being 16 years old. Um, we needn't be too grown Mija...

*TP for 15 bungholes...Octopussy, aka-Nadya Suleman got her new house TP-ed and she ain't even moved in it yet! I'm going to be saying "I need TP for my bunghole" all damned day!!!

*Annnnnd Mickey Rourke and Scarlett Johannsen are in "Iron Man II". That should be splendiforous!

Well, that's all I got. It's kind of slow this week.



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