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I ain't got no introduction today...so here we go.

*Kim Kardashian Turns 28* As you can see, she's in a hospital gown. Ain't nothing wrong with her, but she was in there with her Main Damie Reggie Bush. For some reason, this here pic managed to make its way to the web, which means this was a photo op. I need to get photographed with someone famous ONE good time.

*Somebody forgot something* Katie Holmes left her veneers. She may need to go get them.

*Lyfe..WHY LYFE? WHY?!?* Methinks Lyfe Jennings, born Chester Jennings, may really have done it this time. He goin to jail just like Orenthal James did. (O.J. for those who can't put 7 and 34 together). Brother Lyfe decided it would be a good idea to run from the policias after kicking in the door of his baby mama's house and shooting all in the street...like he ain't a convicted felon. THEN he was drunk as a skunk!

Looks like Lyfe 268-192 is back in the lockup...

*Miley Cyrus is trying to move on out* Now, ol' girl ain't turning 16 until November 23, but she's trying to find herself an apartment. Methinks it has to do with this TWENTY year old man she's dating. Yes, her man is 20. Apparently, Billy Ray is okay with it. So, needless to say, she'll be pregnant next. And I'm the optimist of this here outfit.

*Dewayne Carter, III is born!* Lil Wayne is a pappy again. Not by Nivea and not by Superhead, but by Sarah.


Yes, Sarah...a Caucapino chick. The two pics at the bottom show the infamous mother of the Carter Seed.

p.s.-check out this video (http://www.karrine.com/home/?id=02208)

Somebody looks miiiiiiiighty pregnant.


(Tamara sings "I am the roughest, roughest...say what, say what, say WHAT")

*Is THAT who I think it is..with Snoop???* Damn, that looks like RAY ALVARADO from the "Secret World of Alex Mack"!!! LOLOL!

*Last, and always least in my World...* Sarah Palin says that now that Bristol is 18, she wants her and Levi to get married BEFORE the baby is born and NOT on the wedding date they picked in the Summer. The baby is due in December. If that doesn't sound like some micky flickin shiggity, I don't know what is. I think that this proves her motives are more political than anything. To hell with the wedding date THEY planned, you don't want a bastard grandkid.

If she doesn't carry her moose shooting, $150,000 wardrobe budget having, Bobby's World "gee golly" mom sounding a** back to Podunk, Alaska, I'm going to chuck a can of Treet at her.

...and I'm OUT!


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