T.E.N. Breaking News, aka-Faded Spotlight

As of today, Caroline Mason of the Memphis Police Department is fighting to keep her job. She didn’t get caught up in the Tarnished Blue, nor did she steal company time. She is guilty of being a Memphis Mom who was Spotlighted. Apparently, it was the equivalent of talking to the media without prior approval. She wasn’t even allowed to give the follow-up interview on the radio. As a matter of fact, Caroline had to cancel that very morning she was due to be interviewed.

She is facing a hearing to determine if she was out of line by accepting the flattering invitation from Mrs. Ann Sharpsteen to share a little bit about her for all Memphians to know. Caroline didn’t share private information on current investigations. She didn’t reveal any MPD protocol…she just told us about Caroline—the mother.

Thaddeus Martin doesn’t even care for the MPD that much (if at all) and even HE recognized that this is wrong. I got a call from Ann Sharpsteen herself looking for Thaddeus’ email address to show him appreciation for bringing this to light. I most certainly hope that she is not punished because as a single mom, we don’t need anything to impede on our finances. In addition to that, it also comes across as a strongarm tactic like Mrs. Sharpsteen said.

I don’t know how long Caroline has been a member of the Memphis Police Department, but she is still a mom. She is still human. I feel that she didn’t do anything wrong, and she should not be punished. I think the MPD should shift their focus to more vital matters than impeding on a mother’s right to tell us about herself. I didn’t reveal company secrets in my interview, and neither did she. If anything, this is an unfair abuse of power that should be brought to light.

I don’t know what she did to deserve this mess, but leave her alone.


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