Stimulate yoself...

So, my phone has been buzzing quite a bit lately about the infamous Economic Stimulus checks that millions of us are going to receive. Quite a few people have been giddy on my behalf because according to the last known report, I will get an extra $300 because I have a seed.

Now, being the giddy individual I am, I found myself nearly cutting a few flips until I realized that my foot isn't completely recovered. Once I calmed down, I cracked a corny joke in my Facebook & MySpace blogs about this windfall:

"I'm stimulating my Wachovia account."

Maybe the thought of getting at least $600 should have excited me more, but I just didn't completely agree with the idea of the government being like that cousin that borrowed money from you and took so long to pay it back that you thought it was a gift.

I understand the idea behind the Rubles...they want us to put it back into the economy. However, I can't completely say that I'm going for that. I may have missed the interviews, but I have yet to read, see or hear an official say that they are giving us more money to pay off bills, save homes from foreclosure, to invest, or just to save for a rainy day. In my case, the Ruble Repayment Check may end up in my mailbox near my 26th birthday or close to the time I am to board a flight to Phoenix, AZ for my first college graduation.

So here's what I don't like about this Ruble Repayment Program that the g'ment has hocked have to have made at least $3,000 to get at least $300. If you are trying to stimulate the economy, you can't ignore the fact that some poor families have stimulated the economy before. I understand that the mentality of some who will say that those who don't pay taxes don't deserve anything back.

Well, if this is meant to stimulate the economy, then does it matter who stimulates it?

Either way, help is help. I plan on hoarding my help. Besides, I think a lot of people are going to stimulate the economy with frivolous purchases throughout the next couple of months. Maybe the great politicians and economists should motivate people to save and spend wisely in the midst of this down season. I have actually opened myself a savings account to put a vast majority of my tax refund, school refunds, etc. Since I want something (like another car), I'm going to save for it.

Maybe that doesn't stimulate the economy very much, but I consider it a part of improving my own economy:

*If I pay off my smaller bills, then my credit score slowly improves.

*I'll have a few extra dollars a month to save since I'll be short some bills.

*A higher credit score means better rates, which means less money spent.

I'd have to say that my economy looks better already.


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