When is Black Pride Too Strong?

I was sitting in my favorite thinking spot (bed) thinking about how many issues are floating around in the Black community. Here are some of the ones I thought of:

*Unhealthy Relationships
*Unhealthy Living
*Lack of Proper Education
*Lack of Respect for Each Other
*Improperly Raised Children
*Inability to Acheive and/or Maintain Wealth
*Lack of Proper Focus

I am certain that skeptics may say that those are not restricted to the Black race, and I will agree. However, I am only focusing on my Black people right now. I wish I had an answer to this problem, but seeing as I am not Jesus, I am not The Way. (While I consider myself to be rather cool, I am not nearly as cool as Jesus. He fed a lot of people with one loaf of bread while I am still trying to find out how ten pounds of hot wings NEVER seems to feed six friends).

In the end, I will say that there is a common bond that can help solve some of the issues I have named and the others I have missed--we won't reach out for help.

Now I am seeing raised eyebrows here. Why in the Sam Hill do Black people need some outside help to solve the woes that we are suffering? Well, seeing as there are this many issues that are going unsolved, it's obvious we need some help somewhere.

Our people are killing each other over video games and even women (or men) that aren't theirs. Our people are choosing to live off of a government that looks down at them instead of working for a living. Our people are even having the gall to get mad when people try to wake us up from the stupor we are living in. It's as if Black people are choosing to live in a perpetual state of misery. You can't stop us from talking about how White people are trying to hold us down, and how that Middle Eastern store owner treats us like crap and overcharges us. However, when Black people go back to their old projects and the dilapidated places they used to play, it's our own Black people that are quick to call them "Sellouts" for leaving in the first place. As a matter of fact, when Bill Cosby lit a fire under the collective asses of Black America, most of us got pissed instead of changing.

I'm sure that someone is going to read this and think that I'm better than them. Of course, that's what my Black people are best at doing..reminding other people how much higher they are. That's why I say that we need help. Let me run down a list of suggestions and hints for us:

*Breast and prostate cancer can't kill us as fast if we are going to the doctor BEFORE we think something is wrong.

*Our people are dying of AIDS for reasons other than "Down-Low Brothers". Sisters can buy condoms, too.

*Food stamps and welfare can be quite helpful. However, it should be used ONLY to get on your feet, not to live the rest of your life.

*Therapy is not bad. Some of us need help healing emotional wounds in our lives so we can break these vicious cycles of abuse.

*Stop getting attitudes with your children's teachers. These people get underpaid to help your child learn how to make something of his or her life.

*Child support is NOT for you to get a new outfit with. That is used to provide for your child(ren).

*If you witnessed the crime, then report it to the police. Too many people have lost their lives at the hand of the same few criminals.

*If you want something bad enough, WORK FOR IT! Whether it's flipping burgers or working in an office, earning a living is a good thing!

*Learn how to talk!!!!! There is nothing cute about broken English. I use my fair share of slang, but you ought to hear how I answer the phone at work. It's like two different people.

*Get some kind of education. Whether you get a Masters Degree or a license in Cosmotology, no Black person should be without something useful in this world. I mean, remember back when our Grandparents and Great-Grandparents got good jobs without even finishing high school? Well, that doesn't fly anymore.

*Stop blaming everyone else for what's wrong with you! "That nigga got me pregnant", "my daddy left me", "he won't pay child support" are messed up situations, but they don't have to own you. You have to accept the way things are, recover, and move forward. I wasn't intending on being a single mother at 23. However, I got the emotions out, planned for the change in my life, and I have moved forward.

I could go on for hours, but I hope I have planted a seed of change in the Black community. I have to do my part just like we all do. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson can't save us all.


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