What Happened to Today's Woman?

I know that everyone makes mistakes, but when you live in a perpetual state of "oops, got to be more careful", then you haven't really learned anything. That applies to everyone.

However, what I do know is that women have been losing their minds lately! There was a time when a woman would take care of herself, be active in Church (no matter the denomination), work (inside or outside the home), raise the children, cook, clean, keep the children looking neat, hang with her girls every now and then, keep her husband happy, and still manage not to fall apart, catch a school meeting. Oh, she would be tired, but she would turn around and do it again the next day. Then there are some women I knew personally that did all of that and then went to college, opened a business, or did all of that without a father or husband.

There was a time that women really had it together..but in my opinion, we starting to slip.

Now I am only 25 years old, so that means that there are things I'm still learning and maybe a few things I've missed. However, I am not impressed with a lot of the women I see nowadays. There are so many women nowadays that are living for their Man of the Moment, and neglecting their children. Why do you think so many children end up preyed upon? Because Mommy is letting "Uncle Harry" move into her home after a whirlwind courtship and she truly doesn't know him. Women today are not respecting themselves and allowing other people to use and abuse their minds and bodies. What happened to Women's Liberation? I wasn't even born at the height of that movement, but it appears that women today aren't protecting themselves.

Allow me to list more issues I've seen:

*Women used to be ready to kill for their families, but now they're killing other women over a man.

*Women are calling "down low" men the cause of AIDS rates spiraling out of control. However, condoms and common sense are pretty helpful as well.

*While it's good for women to feel sexually liberated, that doesn't mean you liberate yourself with every man that compliments you.

*We have some pretty good intuition..women just aren't using it because they don't want to lose the man they're with.

*Women obviously think that it's good to have men fighting over them. However, there is nothing becoming to bounce back and forth between men to get attention.

*Women are using their kids as leverage to break a man or to get more money, but kids are not bargaining tools.

I know that the issues I've listed aren't new. I'm certain that there were women that did these things before I was born, but I've noticed a lot of these things lately. We need to guard our minds, hearts, souls, bodies, children, credit, and our dignity. I know not all women are going to be like Oprah, nor will they be the prostitute on Bellevue. I am saying that we are powerful. We must clean up our acts and learn to stand on our own. I know there are some women who are stay at home mothers, and that's cool. Whatever you do in life, just make sure you do it for yourself. Don't do things to get a man. You are the one who has to live this life, so make sure you don't spend it looking back and wondering why.


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