Tamara Mitchell Ford...Again

Have you ever wanted to grab someone by the shoulders and shake them until they get somewhat of a clue? I feel that way about Tamara Mitchell Ford. I am almost embarassed to share her first name. Truthfully, I don't understand what all it is going to take for her to understand that she has a problem, and she needs to be in an inpatient facility until she gets her act together.

Oh, she is in one...jail.

I was shocked that her initial bail was only $100. Actually, I was amused that she was able to drive drunk without a license and have a car wreck involving three cars and refuse a breathalyzer test for less than what I spent buying video games the week before. However, I was pleased to see the increase to $50,000. I just want to know why in the blue hell would the judge even consider $100. That doesn't sit well with my soul.

I decided to do some brief research on Tamara Mitchell Ford. A Yahoo search for her name yielded about 1,250,000 searches within 0.02 seconds. Except for one random result about a Ford F150 (go figure), the remaining top results mentioned the same few words "DUI", "jail", "arrested" and "again".

What a stunning legacy.

So, this left me a bit confused. What in the world is she known for other than being married to John Ford at one point, having a fourth child by him during a brief "reconciliation", and getting locked up? It turns out, she was a law student when she married John, which means that she had the potential of being a rather bad broad (in a good way). Tamara is a really pretty woman, and should she decide to stop looking for whatever she's trying to find in the bottom of a Grey Goose bottle, I can imagine that she would accomplish so much more than being an infamous divorcee'.

With all of that being said, I know many are wondering what I think of Tamara Mitchell Ford as a whole. I think that right now, she is a disgrace. She is a mother who doesn't think her children are important enough to put the bottle away. I think that Tamara should start accepting that she has a problem and avoid saying such cliche phrases such as "I know they are disappointed in me and I am disappointed in myself" if she plans to be drunk at dispositions. I think that the media in Memphis should agree not to discuss anymore issues about her until there is something positive to say such as "Tamara Mitchell Ford has entered into a rehab facility in an undisclosed location". I also think that she should do every bit of the time she is sentenced to and not exit jail one day earlier.

Of course, those previous statements may come off as mean, but obviously being nice about her situation is not beneficial to Tamara and her children's well-being. She has a drinking problem. Period. She has no respect for the law she went to school to learn. She even had her son in the car during one of her episodes. She is over forty years old and is behaving like a 21 year old with no sense whatsoever. Tamara needs counseling and jail. Why do I stress that she needs jail?

Because quite obviously, letting her out of jail causes car wrecks.


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