Tamara Mitchell-Ford & Britney Spears...

So, I titled this blog "Tamara Mitchell-Ford & Britney Spears..."


Because they are two train wrecks.

That's a very strong statement to make, I'm sure. However, please tell me that they aren't similar!

*Both have children that don't appear to be cared for well (I stress "appear") by them, and end up with their respective fathers because they are in some kind of mess.
*Both of them have kids by men that get teased, heckled, disrespected, and who have other kids they don't appear to take care of.
*Both of them need help.
*Both of them have gotten help that doesn't appear to work.
*Both of them keep getting slaps on the wrist.
*Both of them still haven't seen that they are truly in trouble.

You see the similarities? I know I do. However, I hope that the both of them look at the mess they have been in and realize that they are hurting themselves, their families, and people who care for them. Hopefully, Britney will look at that MTV VMA performance and see that she was at her worst; hopefully, Tamara will look at the news over the last two weeks and see that she has been the joke of Memphis.

They are beautiful women with so much potential, and they are at risk for losing all that they've worked for because they won't get help for their respective demons.


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