Stick it to the Jena 6 DA

It took my dear friend Thad to write a blog about the Jena 6 for me to cosign to.

Of course you have to be under a rock to not know about this, but needless to say, this is an outright travesty. The head prosecutor stated that the boys assaulted the victim with a dangerous weapon--a shoe.

A woman called in to the Michael Baisden show and said that we should help get these dangerous weapons off of the street. I here's the DA's address to mail those dangerous weapons in:

Mr. Reed Walters, District Attorney
28th Judicial District Attorney's Office
P.O. Box 1940
Jena, LA 71342

Any old shoes you have should be mailed in to this man ASAP. Besides, we don't want any kids to get a hold of these weapons.

p.s.-wear black on 9/20/07 in support of Mychal Bell. He is set to be sentenced on that day.

p.p.s.-you'll have to send it US Mail since FedEx doesn't ship to PO Boxes.


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