From Underneath My Poofed Hair

I'm just going to "Let the Feeling Flow" like Peabo Bryson.

*Where the hell is Peabo Bryson anyway?*

Okay, I'm at my desk eating some nachos right. For some reason, eating nachos makes me think. Chicken does too, but that's for later on. Ralph totally packed my a lunch for work today because he got tired of me coming home with a "buried n-word you need to eat" headache. What are the chances of my workgroup doing a United Way drive with nachos, pina coladas, and daquiris?

*They are virgin. These would taste better, however, with some 93 octane*

So, it's 9/11/07, the six year anniversary. I honestly had a moment of silence this morning. I also had a flashback to what I was doing the day the Towers fell. I was returning to Richardson Towers after a drunken night out with some of my U of M crew. What does that mean???

*That means I've been a lush for over six damn years.*

Seriously though, I look at how things have changed from then to now. I don't think Bush has accomplished anything. We still haven't caught Bin Laden, and now we refer to Middle Easterners by some really disrespectful names. Wow.

*Sips drink*

America is not as unified as it was in 2001. Now we are split even worse between pro- and anti-war. If you oppose the war, you are anti-American. If you oppose Bush, then you are anti-American. You know what I have to say about that???

*Sips drink. Chews ice.*

I say that there's an opening in Puerto Rico for a Service Agent. I swear I'll pack up Lex and get the hell on!On a lighter note, a lot of articles refer to Britney Spears as being fat on the VMA's. I'll show you fat...well...I can't right now because I can't find the picture I was looking for.

Anyhoo...she is not fat. However, she wasn't her normal ripped self. Personally, I think she should have picked a better outfit. Waitaminit, I read somewhere (relatively credible), that MTV had picked out a corset outfit for her and she decided to wear that mess she had on.

I will, however, lambast that ass for that ratty ass weave she had! Man, her hair looked cat raggedy! Someone go get that girl some Jumbo Yaky!

Anyway, if I think of anything else to talk aboot, I'll let you know. Right now, I am going to finish this ice off. After that, I'll probably go in the Sports Bar here at work and get me another cup of pina colada to take home and spike.

p.s.-go buy Kanye! Let's put 50 Cent out of business!


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