Before Bed 4/23/17

Before I close this here Sunday, allow me to share this thought:

Stop it with the "and I can't even get a text back" pics.

Typically, those pics have women who are big girls or some other "undesired" look..being shown affection or attention by a guy.

I cannot say why you ain't getting a text back. Maybe youse a dick. Maybe you has Metro PCS. Maybe you ain't dealing with a quality human. Or maybe because you think you the shit and SOMEBODY is reminding you that you ain't.

Hell, I'm far from redbone lightweight. I look like Gizmo. I can't see worth a damn. I'm legally disabled and I'm pretty sure that my knee isn't supposed to sound like that..but somebody married me at over 400 pounds.

Stop it with that boolshit.

Hell, even Halle Berry can't get right.



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