Good Evening, Children!

Mama been AWOL on the blog front for a minute.  Not that I haven't WANTED to talk about stuff of little to no importance..just that I have been all over the place.  I'll brief all eleven of my readers on what's been going on in my world.

*The weight is still dropping like the price of expired milk.  Not as much as I want, but progress nonetheless.  I keep suffering from "Sitcho Ass Down" syndrome...meaning that the lack of sitting my ass down has resulted in a busted right knee and an angry left hip.  One leg and a kickstand for sho.

*I'm thinking about raising money for an Air Fuel Induction and some tires.  I don't want to take funds away from fokes who need them, but gotdamn me, I need some tires and an Air Fuel Induction!  I got the oil change and the petrol!  Progress?

*Friend Cedric came in town for the weekend and we hung out Saturday.  It's always nice to spend time with your people, especially when they don't get to visit much.  We managed to Thrift Shop Thug, troll DeSoto County and have the finest of yard bird from Gus'.  That is always the best chicken to have when you've been away from the Souf for a minute.

Uh, what else?

*I realized that I am the queen of getting a gang o' sheet for the low amount of funds.  Yes, I is.  Oh, and HomeGoods, SWEET JESUS that store!  I'm making it my business to go there as soon as I have more expendable funds.  BRING ON ALL THE POTS!

*Got more New Balance.  When I get that nice box with the items in them, I feel like such a champion.  I feel the MAGIC!  RRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

*Decided to apply for Germantown and Collierville PD.  I figure, all they can say is "chile please".  I'm pretty confident in my capabilities, but I admit I worry about the weight.  All it'll do is motivate me more to get beyond this one leg and a kickstand status.

*I have not slapped anyone.

*I'm at 61% confident now.  I see myself as cute more often than I used to.  See?  Look!

*sings* They be like "OOH, SHE'S SER-VING FACE"!


That's all I got for now.  I'm pretty sure something will be amiss sooner than later.  Yall already know Kanye and Kim are engaged, so no need to go in on that..very now..on a Thursday.

WELP!  As I sip this Bolthouse that I'm sure somebody spit in...



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