Lessons I Learned from Brother Kanye

Let me begin by saying that I don't know Kanye.  I've never met Kanye.  I was just feeling bloggy and I decided to share.

I know Kanye has a reputation for being a rather eccentric character.  Whenever people discuss him nowadays, there is always some kind of derogatory, highly opinionated adjective.  Maybe it's odd of me, but I think I've learned quite a bit from the man.  I shall share.

*You Can't Shut Me Up, Son*

There's something mighty admirable about a man who had a whole wreck, get his whole jaw reconstructed, then does an entire song with his damn jaw wired shut!  While I was not physically restricted like he was, life itself smacked me in my face more times than I can count.  As much as I've dealt with, I can see myself being silenced.  Alas, if I didn't say anything, then all of those adversities would have won.  Now, when I speak, I speak "through the wire".  I share my stories, I say what the hell needs to be said, and nothing is going to keep me quiet.

*When Something Ain't Right, Let it Be Known*

It was the rant heard around the damn world.  The moment when ol' Kanye made Mike Myers take the biggest non-toilet dump in history.  Yes, YOU know what I'm talmbout!

I remembered all the people saying "he killed his career" and "what the hell was he thinking".  Well, he told yall what the hell he was thinking.  The issue was not whether you agreed or not, he said what he had to say. Now, as it applies to me, I learned how to do the same.  I'm certain that people think "have some class" or that there is "a time and a place" to say things.  Who writes these rules?  When is it the right time and right place to say what's on your mind and in your heart?  You think Kanye gave a good gotdamn as to what you thought when he spoke his mind?  I have to say, if you keep waiting on the right time and place to say what's wrong, will you ever solve anything?  Yeah yeah, I know..."what did Kanye solve or help by saying that shit?"  Hell, who knows?  I ain't Kanye.

*I'm Wiser Than You Think*

The man may be known for some lightweight lyrics and some silliness, but when you actually listen to some of the lyrics, you can't deny there's some knowledge there.  Once you get past his antics and foolery, you can't help but to take note...the brother tries to teach it to the children.

I learned that people see me being silly and think that I don't have very much going on up top.  Yeah, I can be a joker...but when you get to know me, you'll find out that I have more sense than you think.  I'm more than random statuses and sexy New Balance shoes.  Hell, he's more than his behaviors.  Read the lyrics to "New Slaves".

*If Nobody Else Likes Me...I Like Me*

I've heard my fair share of "Kanye is getting too cocky" rants from the masses.  Apparently, people don't take too well to someone thinking highly of himself.  Granted, being too damn arrogant can make people uncomfortable.  However, if you aren't your greatest fan, who else WILL be?

Each day, I work harder on loving the hell out of me.  I'm better than I was a year ago, but not NEARLY where I want to be in the self-esteem category.  When I present myself to the world, I can't sell myself if I don't believe in myself.  I mean, Kanye's talent speaks for itself, but if he didn't carry himself like he thought he was the second coming, would people have noticed?

*If I Have a Song in My Bosom...*

Erykah said "gotdammit, I'mma sing my song" and Kanye felt the same way.  When Sir Yeezy released "808s and Heartbreaks", not too many of his fans were okay with it.  It wasn't on the same tip as his previous albums and it wasn't...you know...I mean, Jones was singing in auto tune!  The man was going through a lot, and he wanted to convey his emotions in a method other than straight up rap.  He said it was "therapeutic", which to me...justified the whole CD.

When I feel the need to get things off my chest, I need to do it the best way for me...not for anyone else.  My method is blogging, but if I have the desire to do something out of my "norm", it's going to get done, son.

*Yeah, I Did It*

Lemme insert this picture.

I don't think ANYONE will ever forget this infamous incident.  But you know what...he knows that too.  I can't help but to laugh because it was FUNNY!  What better lesson to learn than the fact that you WILL do something crazy as hell...might as well own up to it.  He did apologize..which is cool.  When foolishness ensues, we might as well own up to it.  No need to hire a "team" to Olivia Pope it away, just own it and gwone the hell on!

And last but not least...

*At the End of the Damn Day, I'm Going to Be Who I Be*

One of the most endearing traits that makes me a fan of Kanye West as the person is the fact that he's going to be who he is...and your approval is strictly optional.  From the beginning of his career to now, he does what he wants and he knows you're going to talk about it.  You can guarantee that each and every single week, there'll be a new Kanye story.  He's weeks away from being a dad to a kid by Kim Kardashian...and Ray J wanted people to know that he hit it first and all that good shit.  Let's go ahead and be honest, Kim married that boy that plays basketball...but it was Kanye's presence that made him do that song.  If Kanye was NOT who he was...you think Willie Ray Norwood, Jr. would've come with that mess?


I can't help but respect a person who will not depart from who he is because it makes others uneasy.  People call fokes like him a "jerk", "arrogant", "full of himself", etc.  I call him "cool as hell".  I can't be anyone but Tamara, and that shan't change because certain aspects aren't up to YOUR standards.  Dame Shirley said "I am what I am, I am my own special creation"...and that's Kanye for you.

I don't know every song, nor do I have every album of his.  But he will always be respected to me.  Granted, I only know what is shown to me, as I do not know him personally.  I can't help but to think the dude is cool.  In a world of fakes, frauds and Nicki Minaj, it's refreshing to see genuine characters.  I'm getting to this level slowly but surely...and it's not done to make other people comfortable.  It's done because I've been stifled too long.  Call me crazy, but brothermane should open a charm school.  Hell, I'd go! LMAO


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