Rampant Assholery, aka-Why So Assholish?

I don't know if you noticed or not, but I have spurts of writing. I'll be all like "WRITER'S BLOCK" then next I'll be like "FOUR BLOGS IN TWO DAYS".

So today's few thoughts on me blog comes from yet another gang o' conversations and Facebookery.

It appears that these days, people are just mean assholes for no other reason. Well, I think there are some reasons for SOME peoples blistering assholery...like a severe need for extensive therapy, or a touch of the Iyanla.

I've noticed that it seems so easy for fokes to conjure up negativity in situations that do not require any. Not only do they conjure it, they then follow up the conjure with a need to share the negativity.

It happens so much online, which sucks because the internet used to be fun back in the days of Collegeclub and Blackplanet. Hmm. I would look and see if Collegeclub is still up, but I'm scared of seeing a twat pop up on my screen.


I have seen so much negativity subjected towards people that it makes me wonder what the hell is wrong with society.  We lost the art of discussion and debate.  We can't talk without being defensive.  Hot button issues become battles and somewhere along the way, someone gets deleted after a manifesto in which the alleged offender is "read".

All because someone got salty. But the alleged offender ain't talmbout you doe. Why you kicking over the big green garbage can on the curb because you didn't like what was said? You could've scrolled on by and not given the post an ounce of your energy. Instead, you had to act a fool. What did that accomplish?

Well, what was gained by that?

Were you able to keep it mad real, son?

A friend of mine said that we are in a generation in which people find it necessary for you to know what they feel at all times.  I would align that with being a part of the "I, Me, My" Generation, but it's some 30-somethings doing that.  Like, it reminds me of the days of the "Junior High Bust Out" when fokes be all like "OOOOOOOOOOOOH".

But then I got in high school and realized that shit was entirely too extra. I would then administer the finest of seats for the offending party...

Now, at the magnanimous age of 30, I am fully aware that some of my similarly aged cohorts are unaware that we are supposed to grow the hell up.  You do have a First Amendment right to share your opinion, but you do not have to take up someone else's spot to do so (unless they ask for it). So while you may see this as being "real" or "blunt", others may deem this acting like an asshole. This is because in many cases, you ARE acting like an asshole.

I don't know if you got ignored as a kid or just always had a fire in yo' belly, but I guarantee you won't be damned to hell if you decided to keep your unsolicited shit to yourself. It is hard to do sometimes, I know. I see stuff everyday that makes me want to go in on someone, but I ask myself some questions:

1. How important is it that I say whatever I be needing to say?

2. Will I lose sleep if I don't say anything?

3. If I say this, will my light bill end up magically paid?

In short, I won't lose a lick of peace if I hold my mule.  Since my peace won't be lost-ed, I just let it go.  I know some cats are on a crusade to let errbody know what they think, but I don't.

Well I do...which is why I got this here blog thingy. Now I can rant, speak my piece and go the hell on.

I think that's called decorum.


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