I'll Tell You Why the Grass is Greener...

..because the shit is AstroTurf..

I think only a small part of the population can say that they do not have one ounce of that green-eyed monster in them...and mean it.  I believe that all humans have a little bit of envy in them.  They see people driving their dream cars and wish they could have them...like I wish I could have the sexy Tahoes/Yukons/Suburbans/Yukon XL's that I see around this great city..

..you know I saw a damn Yukon for $17k and that sumgun was IMMACULATE!



Sorry. Still dreaming about SUV's of love.


What makes some souls different from others is the fact that some of us are fully aware that what we see is but the surface.  Yeah, I do have Tahoe/Yukon dreams, but I know that a few cats with the new ones are paying a grip per month or put a grip down for that.  I know that the big houses that people are getting blessed with come from years of hard work or damn fine credit.

In short...there is much more that we don't see.

Alas, there are many more souls who really don't get that there is a reason for the "green grass".  They don't see the work put into keeping the "grass" healthy nor do they see that some people's grass is as fake as the teeth in Tom Cruise's mouf.

The reason why I have "grass" written as such is because different people have different "grasses".  Have you ever heard someone say something to the effect of "I wish I had a relationship like ___ and ___"?  How about "how in the hell did ___ get a chick like her"?  Those are different types of grass.

According to Wikipedia..."there are some 3,500 species of graminoids", aka - grass.  If you want to go a step further, there are 10,000 types of true grasses.  That also applies to what all the hell that humans envy. Grown fokes these days envy anywhere between 3,500 and 10,000 damn things.  I can easily assume that a vast majority of said people would not be able to handle knowing that some fokes purposely work harder at cultivating the AstroTurf than watering the Kentucky Bluegrass.

This is where we get to the center of the shrubbery maze...people are getting hooked on fallacies...Facebook delusions of grandeur, even.  We see the Cyber Superstars and sit with our hands on our chins wondering what we aren't doing right.  It's safe to assume that some of these cats showing off all this grass are completely unaware that their Bermuda grass love heat and sunlight...so they put the shit in the shade.  When someone actually chimes in to tell said individual that you might be unable to handle that type of grass, that's when you get called...a HATER.

Either way it goes...people have invested so much time and money into making sure you think "they got it together" and so many people fall for that damn bait everyday.  I guess it's safe to assume that we don't need to believe the hype.  Even if the grass IS real...and the shit IS right...and it's REAL..we need to be mindful that we can have some of that fie Fescue too..it just may not be our season.



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