Is We Growing Down?

First of all, where are the following people:

Dru Down?

MC Eiht?

Positive K?

Your Daddy?

So anyways, I am uber hyper today, and I keep feeling like if I don't watch myself, I'm going to cut a damn cartwheel. I have to remind myself that I am fat so I won't jump off of anything.

*cues Go Go Gadget Gospel*

Well, I was wondering if people get to a certain age and grow down. I have never encountered so many immature people in my life. I don't know if it's a subconscious desire not to be a responsible adult or just adult-onset bitchdom.

In the short time we've been in 2011, I have discovered that fokes are acting extra tasty crispy. Nobody wants to take responsibility for their actions.

Nobody wants to be ambitious.

Why is we not taking care of your damn kids?


Why is you always gossipin'?

**sidebar, not the GOOD gossip either**

Are people afraid to be adults? Must we remain in a perpetual state of schoolyard?

Can men be men and women be women?

Why put yourself in grown situations yet remain childish?

*uh oh...time for classy brass*

I am very, VERY hyper today!

Okay, so I guess it's the in thing to commit the act of Runteldat, but then to get mad when it's returned unto you. I mean, is it okay to commit Facebook Snitchery and add friends just to see what your ex is doing now? I thought messiness expired December 31, 2010..

Ooh, and what about when people try to read between statuses and figure out who you're talking about? Like, about 1, 2, 7 of yall are going to say "who is Tam calling immature"?

If you actually are asking...then it's YOU!

I reckons I've ranted enough about this matter. I am going to attempt to take the edge off of my hyper and listen to some Johnny Cash.

Nope. Now I want some water.


Challon said…
I don't even know what the rest says past "Is We Growing Down?" that's one of the greatest blog titles ever.
EarthWindFire82 said…
LMAO!!! I have been hearing that all day!

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