Good Friday Comedy...aka-The Plight of the Conchord

So, I had a lot of funny stuff to happen this week in my plight of slowly de-fatting myself.

I reckons I'll share.

I had a few moments of freedom at work and I decided that since I haven't had time to work out, I would do that thing where I just have fast breaks of extra movement. You know, since I can't go outside and walk the track, I would powerwalk around the floor. Seeing as I'm often perch-ed at my desk, I assumed some movement was better than none. I took the scenic route to the ice machine. I picked up the pace coming in and out of work. Just anything.

So, one day, I decided to hoof it out of work.

Something about these Reebok Zigtechs that makes me forget I'm fat.

Your girl, straight BALLED OUT! I mean, I was running for the first time since I last went to the Mid-South Fair!

I didn't even fall!

Suddenly, a man was running with me.

I said, "burning calories too"?

He said "no, I was about to ask what happened"?

I blinked. "What you mean what happened" as I slowed to a walk.

"Well, I saw you run out the building and I was trying to see if I needed to call for help".


"No, sir...I was just trying to be more active...everything's fine".

"Oh, well, congrats on the lifestyle improvement! I should follow suit!"

See...EVERYTIME the fat chick runs...

When I got to The Cobalt and sipped my water, all I could do was roll! Ah well, I burned like a calorie running and about 40 more laughing! At any rate, I decided to try some more random stuff around the workhouse. Like, substituting my two daily Red Bulls with water. When I woke up an hour later, I realized that wasn't a good idea.

I then decided to try doing a lunge here and there. So, I walked in the supply room and took a lunge.

Suddenly, I felt someone grab my arm

"Gotcha Tam!"


"Thought you were about to fall!"

Yeah, so apparently, this is going to be a hilarious process. Pray for me people. I'm trying to tweak my shed-ule so I can at least walk in a park or something. Maybe I won't have fokes thinking I'm about to keel over...



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