T.E.N. Brain Spillage, vol. 143

I ain't wrote a note in a month of Sundays...and I got a lot of crap to talk about. None of this mess matches, but just know that it needs to be said.

*Tommy West* Not even 36 hours had passed from the time I asked C. Stephen Cranford "why in the hell haven't they fired Tommy West and he hasn't had a winning season since DVD's came out" to when Tommy West got fired. So like, Tommy West was mad as hell and basically told the media and nem that if they aren't going to invest in the Tiger Football team then they need to shut that bastard down. He also said he was the 7th coach to fail at the yob. I think he slick said it was RC's fault. I don't know, but what I DO know is that they haven't won a game since before all of us got post-high school swole.

*Katt Williams* It's thievin' Pimpin!

*"Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire"* That title is about as long as "To Wong Foo: Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar". At any rate, that bad boy is breaking records in four cities. Try not to Bootleg it fokes. Word is that Mo'nique and a few other cats are Oscar contenders. If Mo wins, it proves that you gotta get ugly as hell to win an award...but you only have to be black to get an NAACP Image Award...


*Saw VI* SPOILER ALERT! Yall know that ain't the last in the Saw series right? You know I'm slick mad, right? I done gave this series more of my life than a breathing man and the thanks I get is "we ain't done yet"?!? Aight, so they're trying to make Saw VII a 3D film, which would totally cheapen the series that I have come to love as much as Pootie Tang! Maybe we can gwon see what happens to Hoffman...but methinks that whole Saw VIII thing is REALLY pushing it. That ain't RIGHT!

*Steven Tyler* So, you know that he's going to quit Aerosmith right? You know that hurt my soul, right? I mean, you can have the kids, but you leave me my monkey! How in the hell is he going to go off and leeeeeave us like this?!? Can't another big-mouth-ed soul in the country lead that group! No reality show is going to pick a suitable replacement like that Fortune dude did for INXS! Well, that Asian dude is killing it in Journey...but that's because he sounds like the original Journey guy. Uh oh, here's a moment...

Just a small town girl...livin´ in a lonely world
She took the midnight train goin´ anywhere
Just a city boy...born and raised in South Detroit
He took the midnight train goin´ anywhere

Annnnd I'm back...

*Beltway Sniper Execution* Just shoot his ass.

*Lindsay Lowhore* Allegedly, she was dating Heath Ledger before he died. I could go so many directions with that, but I rather stay correct. Well, what I DO think is that chick is so not really gay...and that she needs a good JapSlap so she can get back right.

Yeah, I said JapSlap.

*Ole Miss Song Banned* It's official, the band can't play "From Dixie With Love" anymore because fokes sang "The South will rise again" at the end. For some reason, that's funny as hell to me. I mean, the South isn't planning on rising again? There are no plans to get out the trenches? No? Well, screw you hippies, I want to go to Thumbs Up in the A again...

*Shaq & Shaunie* So, she's really going to split up with him. She's filed for legal separation in CA and seeks a divorce. Since there's a Pre-Nup, ol' Va'shaundya flew back to LA on the 8th to claim herself as a legal resident of the state and filed on the 9th...because Cali is more community property. I can't get over her name being Va'shaundya...

*Britney Spears* Like, the Australians are mad beyond thunderdome because she was lip-synching her performance. Um, *raises hand* this ain't new...most performers who dance a lot during said shows tend to lip-synch. Then there's that thing where she can't really sing any damn way. Nobody got mad about that part. Those Australians...they like their tone deafness performed live.

*Jon Gosselin* Dude is countersuing TLC for $5 meelion dollars. He too, needs to be JapSlap-ped.

*Michael Vick* Doesn't really like the Wildcat that much. *waits on The Deacon to yell "WILDCAT"*

Aight, that's about it for now...I'm feeling right Cheesecakey right now.


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