Four Years of The Lexicon

Well, my child is four. I'd like to share some of her greatest hits with you.

Lexicon quote of the day: "I'm four now! I want forty dollars and tell my granny I want to go to Piccadilly".

She's always had a strange facial expression.

When she first got here, an Elder at my church asked if her daddy was white. No, he's beige

She pooted

Now, you see who she looks like from the nasal bridge up, right?

Those are BIG eyes

Lex and the Grizzlies hat.


"Who the hell are you, again"?

Conk-ed out!

She gon' touch the sky

She broke OUT the crib!

Cute Baby

When she looks at me like that, it makes me nervous.

Yolandalyn made Lex cook dinter as payment for her babysitting!


Nosy Baby

Pothead Lex

Obviously, I was taking too long.

I took this photo because I wanted people to see that she kinda sorta does look like him. I was just amused that she kept calling that man by his first name! That's why he's now referred to as Donald. She will NOT say "Daddy".

That's that "Nigga Please" look I love so much!

Lex, on table.

My Lex is sooo squeaky clean

Goofy baby!

I'm mad that Lex actually put her arm around Chinem like she's used to taking such photos.

Now, to the Wii.

Mama wants a Wii.

Perfect poofage!

She so smooth.

Hello again.

She looks mad cute.

I'm casing the joint...preparing for my release.

Lex and her new tricycle.

Jordan Boots!

Look at my Beige Baby!

Save me, Jeremy.


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