Random Thoughts From My Medulla

I would like to begin my outpouring of thoughts by saying that I am bored. If the things I say are odd, irregular and outright...well, odd and irregular, then fine.

*Ted Kennedy is dead. I had no part of this. He was a cool guy, so I hope enjoys his time in Soul Heaven at the Johnnie Taylor concert. I heard Marvin Gaye was going to sing the Star Spangled Banner to open it up.

*I don't like shoes. I'm not even wearing them right now. I think they are overated and frankly I am afraid of them. They are expensive and contrary to what I thought, they are not waterproof.

*Certain people's voices annoy me. I'll hear them talking and I make that face like when you smell burnt popcorn or burnt greens. I can't tell them to shut the hell up, so I just tune to WTAM Brain Radio and sing Bootsy Collins songs until they stop talking. After which, I reply "this is true".

*My phone is held together by duct tape. I should consider burning it, but I got some text messages in there from The Deacon that are super sweet and I don't want to lose them. This is part of the reason why I haven't chucked the bastard into the Mississippi.

*I'm hungry.

*I want to move out of 6111 at Ridgeway Crossing because I think that I should. Then there's that little part where I want to go upside some cat's dome and it won't help if I do.

*I wish I could open an opposing utility company in Memphis. I would call it "The Other Light Company". So if you can't deal with MLGW, you could come to "The Other Light Company". Hmm.

*Lex has been listening to too much Bun B. She said "Ma, them country boys talk with a dirty mouf".

*If you see Donald Lee Watson, II...trip his bug-eyed ass. Then put a note on the back of his head that says "Tam wants to know when you're picking up Lex".

*The tamale man is on Kirby Parkway. The devil is so busy.

*I'm a tad late, but I just realized that there is a Samuel Caldwell page and a Sutter Caine page. I was too sleepy this morning and then I saw Sam's face twice. At least I'm not as crazy.

*I think that Chris will never run out of rice, Kool-Aid and wife beaters.

*I laugh like Muttley sometimes.

*There is always something going on in my apartment complex...like a kid outside in a bath robe. That is MORE of a reason for me to make like a hippie and blow this joint.

*Even old New York was once New Amsterdam. Why'd they change it I can't say...

*I'm so ready to go to Vegas! I keep feeling like Chris, Jode, Blak and I might end up on TV.

*I really need a new phone, Bobba.

*I want people to not think they are more important than they are. I wonder where the person is that should tap them on the shoulder and say "go sit down Poo-Poo".

*When I go home, I am going to sit in my bed and fold clothes...for real this time.

*The Wolfpack is going to see "Final Destination" in 3D. So...that means someone is going to get effed up and it's going to look like it's coming at the audience.

*Lex is a 5T now. Damn shame her clothes are 4T.

*Here I am, born to be Queen. I'm the Princess of the Universe.

*Cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C.

*I might watch "Juno" today.

Well, that's all I got in my brain right now. I'm going to get a Coke so I can add these three points to my total. Maybe I can win a pack of Circle B smoked sausages.


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