Educated Signifying at its Finest

Here's the letter I wrote:

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a tenant at 6111 at Ridgeway Crossing in Memphis, TN. I find that I should share with you the issues I am dealing with at my home.

I have been a resident since February of this year, and in this short time, I have had my home broken into under mysterious circumstances, insect problems and have been without air conditioning twice since then. I wrote to management once before about the break in and the slow, lethargic way that my concerns were handled. After a little cat and mouse (not the fault of Ms. Moran of the Regional Office), I was able to share my problems.

However, I find that I am dealing with yet another major problem…I have been without air conditioning since July 26, 2009. I made the service requests through the emergency operator on Monday, July 27th around 11am (because I got no answer in the front office). I called back shortly after and spoke to one of the ladies in the office. I was told someone would be out soon. I had no clue that it would be three days before someone was sent to my home. At which point, a note was left at 4:24pm saying that he could not gain entrance and that was it.

I called the front office back within ten minutes of that note and I was told they would send someone out shortly, but I was told (very rudely) that if it rained, no one would come out. I asked if they would at least send them to check inside, just in case it was something internal. I again, was told “someone would be out”.

On Thursday, July 30th, a gentleman came to my home (while I had a friend to wait) and said that the outside AC unit needed to be replaced. On the same service request, he noted that he was unable to do so because of rain. This gentleman told my friend that the unit was beyond repair. Management told us that only if we provided them a key to my home, they could give us a time frame for the replacement of the unit. On that night, I attempted to stay in my home because it was 77 degrees that evening and raining. However, the temperature reached 85 degrees even with a fan.

Today is August 3, 2009 and my unit has not been replaced as of 10am today. I called the main office and spoke with Kesla, who told me that the only way I would know that the unit was replaced would be to go home and check. She further elaborated that Maintenance’s office operates separately from the leasing office and she could only tell me that “they received my service ticket”.

Now, here’s my problem with this entire situation: it should not take this long for a resolution to my issue! Currently, it is more pleasant outdoors than it is in my home. I have been displaced from home since Sunday with my 3 year old daughter. We do not have readily accessible places to reside until the air is fixed, and this has been a great inconvenience to me. As I mentioned, I tried to stay in my home, and found it intolerable. I find it unfair that I have to pay a full month’s rent for a home that has been unoccupied by the tenant for over a week.

As to my reluctance to leave my key with the main office, this stems from the March 4th break in. I found several things to be suspicious and the only common thread was that a maintenance worker boarded my window…yet did not alert the front office to contact me about the fact that they had to do so. Management was unable to explain to me how this came to pass. Therefore, I feel a little uneasy providing entrance to my home when nobody has a way to identify the whereabouts of five employees with access to hundreds of homes.

In the end, I want to be credited and/or reimbursed for the trouble I have experienced, as I find that paying $635 in rent is absolutely unfair since I have been gone for 8 days as of this letter (not to mention that I am still paying for services to a home I am unable to reside in). I have not been able to live comfortably in my home and this is a shame. It makes no sense for there to be a three day waiting period in 90 degree Memphis heat before anyone is even sent out! I am aware that there are other service requests, but in the three to four days of rain in the time of my wait, I’m certain that maintenance should have been taking care of the inside jobs.

Please contact me as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Tamara Memphis, TN 38115

So, let's see how the "Educated Signifying" works for the kid. What do you think?


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