Two More Cents: I Ain't David Ruffin

Told you I got my groove back! LMAO!

Anyhoo, I'm sure you are looking at the title of the note and wondering what the hell I am talking about. It wouldn't be the first time, soooo now that we got THAT sheet out the way....

I ain't David Ruffin because my whole world didn't end when we broke up.

I hope you don't read this thinking that this will be an ex-bashing note because I'm going to take the high road. I am not going to smear him, nor am I going to make fun of how he tried to act like nothing was different at my birthday party on the 13th or anything of the sort.

NOPE! Not gon' do it!

The purpose of this note is to clarify a few things from my end.

1. I loved him a lot. I don't write this with contempt or spite in my heart, but we had run our course and that's that. There were things going on in his life that had an adverse effect on our relationship and things had to change to keep me from buying a Desert Eagle and hitting him in the head with it since I wouldn't have any bullets in it.

2. The fact that I am not laying on my left side calling Christian to cut six inches of my hair whilst singing "My Whole World Ended", "I Miss You", and "Double Cross" by David Ruffin doesn't mean I never cared for him. It just meant that I didn't have a reason to grieve. I got the pissed-offness out of my system months before the official end.

3. I think I know who left the gate open.

4. I moved on some time ago, but it isn't necessary to disclose in what capacity just yet. Just know that I didn't once break my stride.

5. "But everytime she said the word, another one of his doubts were gone." Sorry, listening to "Joy in Repetition" again.

6. Tall, thick, sexy, black men didn't run out in early June. Therefore, I am gravy.

7. I was a whole woman before him, and will continue to be a whole woman. He didn't complete me, he complimented me...for a moment.

So, yeah. I have been fine for some time. Apparently, a lot of people were wrapped up in the part about "you guys have been together almost three years". Yeah that's true, but what good is celebrating three years if I spent 50% of that last year mad and unhappy? I cut it as a loss and prepare for the possibility of another being in my life for that long if not longer.

I got my Marvel Vs. Capcom II I'm super good! Just remember this, he didn't make me the SuperStar that I am. I was already a bad motherf**ker...

YOU just found out late.


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