My Two Cents: Jon & Kate

It's been a LOOOONNNG time since I have written, but I think it's about time for me to return to the bloggery. Had a lot goings on, and I got a lot to catch up with, so here's round one of a new series of my rants called "My Two Cents".

So, quite a few people saw the Jon & Kate Plus Eight episode on Monday where they revealed that they were going to "separate". It's funny that they said that term, only for the screen to reveal that they filed for "legal dissolution of their 10 year marriage" on June 22, 2009.

That ain't the same thing.

When you say "separate", that means you go over here and I'll stay here and we'll go get some counseling and such. However, dissolution of the marriage means that they have mobbed out. The plan that they have in mind is for Kate to stay at the house with the kids and Jon comes for his visits whilst Kate leaves. It sounds like a decent idea because it's apparent that Jon will not be getting a place big enough for himself and eight kids.

This doesn't sit well with me.

Since the media has caught wind of their marital troubles, it appears that Jon is the one who is checking out of the marriage. I know that there are two sides to this story, but the evidence looks like Jon had a wakeup call of some sorts. It isn't the one we thought he would get where he realizes he's 32 years old and his wife put his cajones in a jar in the attic. Instead, he felt as if he was missing out on something.

Jon said himself that he was married at 22, a father of twins by 25 and a father of eight by 27. When you listen to his words or read his interviews, he seems to remind you that he had a lot on his plate. He was the one staying at home while Kate did tours and wrote books. He makes himself out to be a victim in this matter. Well, we all know Kate was a real motherf**ker!

It's like she changed quite a bit from when she was a mousy housewife, and along the way, she became a hellified force to be reckoned with. There were a lot of times where she would tear Jon a new one, and we did feel bad for him getting grilled. However, I don't care who you are or what you do, you are a man, JonBoy. If he didn't like the things she does, then all he had to do was open his damn mouth and take his manhood back. He allowed her to run things and then toward the end, he wants pity.

I think this marriage broke down because Jon wanted to be free. He has a new sports car, he's always hitting the bars, he has allegedly had an affair with a 20-something year old woman, and also has looked at an apartment. Sounds like a man who is ready to be a Bachelor.

Not a man who has eight kids.

Granted, he will be involved, but why would you even start your life without making preparations for your seeds? They got $75,000 an episode for that show, but he wants an apartment and a sports car? My dad was single for a good minute and I was living with my mom. However, my dad's house had accommodations for me. Jon should be looking into a house with room for the kids. How long does he think the "coming to the old house and Kate leaves for a while" thing is going to work?

With all that being said, I can only hope that the kids don't suffer in this situation. Kate may have been a real mofo, but she's on a paper chase right now. I can't knock her hustle. I just hope Jon doesn't let the need for freedom override those kids' need for their father. Don't pull the "I need privacy" card now that you got busted acting a damn donkey.

And Jon, please stop making excuses. Just admit you got more than you bargained for.


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