Didn't Kill Me!

You know something, I have realized that the old phrase of a bad apple spoiling the whole bunch is very true. Of course, that phrase has evolved and modernized to the point where it's now something like one person "effing it up for everybody". In today's episode, we find that a few people who turned corporal punishment into abuse has made it difficult for Old School Parenting to continue into the future.

Before some of my older readers look at me funny and wonder what I know about Old School Parenting, I will say that I am a product of said style. I wasn't much of a difficult child, but when my foolishness surpassed the loss of privileges, I got spanked. I always knew why I was getting said spanking, and I made darn sure not to repeat that action.

Over the years, some people have turned spanking into "beating". Some parents felt the need to physically reprimand their kids with objects you shouldn't even hit an adult with. I mean really, why would you hit a young child with a broomstick? I think I, as well as my counterparts caught the drift when we were spanked with hands, switches, leather belts, old houseshoes, rulers, and combs! To some parents, those are archaic and unnecessary weapons, but to others, they got the job done.

As I said earlier, some parents have turned spanking into abuse. We have all seen the hidden camera footage of slapped toddlers and we have also read about the blunt force trauma that children have suffered. Indeed, situations like that warrant a change for the better. I think that laws truly mean well in trying to make certain that parents do not turn corporal punishment into abuse, but those type of laws can be dangerous for parents in my opinion. Of course, there is always that issue of what is abuse and what is reasonable corporate punishment.

There are many parents that feel there are better alternatives to corporal punishment. I don't doubt that there are. However, for the parents that feel sparing the rod spoils the child face great difficulty. With laws being passed and enforced, the control of the home may be sneakily stolen away. Let us not be naive, there have been kids to calling 911 report a parent for years. Nowadays, that could intensify since kids are quite smart. My daughter is only two and she knows what doesn't fly with mommy gets overlooked by great-granny. (Crafty little woman!)

In short, laws are passed to protect us all. I just think that if a law is passed or enforced about corporal punishment, it must not be left too broad. The understanding must also be reached that parents know their children way better than a legislator knows their children. Some kids are reached better when they are spanked, while some kids like my daughter can get an evil eye and get back in line. Whatever the case may be, corporal punishment in responsible hands can serve as protection for us all.


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