An Open Letter to Memphis Drivers

Dear Memphis Drivers,

I'm asking you all to do one thing - drive safely!

For some reason, you feel the need to do everything but focus on the road. I know that phone call seems diabolically important to answer, but I guarantee that there are places to pull over if that is indeed the case. Some people are truly able to multitask, I've witnessed it firsthand. However, some people aren't blessed with that skill. Unfortunately, we find that out when there is a horrendous pile-up on an already busy street.

Just yesterday, I had the opportunity of adding nearly 20 minutes on my daily commute because one person wanted to hold up traffic to finish phonecall. I thought it was amusing to see the MATA Bus whizz past my little Cobalt, but disturbing when that distracted driver had the nerve to yell obsenities at those who blew their horns to move him out of the way.
Drivers of Memphis, you and I need to work together. We need to be safe. We must be examples of safety for young drivers, and we must keep each other in good health. One completely distracted driver rear ended me just three months after I purchased my car, and now it's only worth half the value because of that damage. All that driver had to do was pay attention, and he would've been able to see that the light was red. Fortunately, my daughter and I emerged with our lives, and the pain went away after a short time. However, some people haven't been so lucky.

I know that accidents happen, and not all accidents can be avoided. However, I would like to offer some suggestions:

*Please don't text message and drive. If it's of grand importance, then please pull over into a gas station parking lot.

*Some ladies really need makeup, but I really think it's not good to try and make up your face going down Winchester. PLEASE not Winchester!

*We all eat and run, but if your car veers to another direction while trying to eat that sandwich, WAIT!

*When you see the Memphis Police Department, don't slam on brakes!!! I know you're more than likely doing 57 in a 45 mph zone, but sometimes, they won't haul you in.

Those are just a few things that can make a major difference. Remember, we are all responsible when we sign our names on that machine to get our license, we are saying that we will be safe and responsible. That doesn't change because you have a new car or have never had an accident before. Please be safe, and WATCH OUT FOR THE ROAD!



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