Anybody Isn't Better Than Mayor Herenton

Before you assume that this is a blog about my support of Mayor Herenton, please read to the end. I know some people will instantly overlook this because of the title. That's fine. All it does is confirm a feeling that I've had for the last year or so. This blog isn't to tell the City of Memphis who I'm voting for. All I'm doing is speaking to the voters of this city, as well as the 837 people running for mayor.

At this point in time, I'm annoyed with a lot of people. I'm annoyed with the people who have decided that due to disliking Mayor Herenton for whatever reasons (and you are entitled to that feeling), they are going to run for mayor to "prove a point". They are frustrated with what they feel Mayor Herenton is not doing, or what he has said or done. They have decided that the best thing for Memphis is to get Mayor Herenton out of office after 16 years of service.

Unfortunately for the people of Memphis, a few of the people who are running against the Mayor aren't really telling us what they have to offer. What are they going to do for Memphis if elected? It appears that everyone who meets the requirements to run for mayor, has done so.
I was annoyed last year when the campaign to impeach Mayor Herenton was buzzing. Not because they were trying to impeach him, but because that was negative energy. Those who signed that petition could have simply used that energy and time to try to find a candidate to run in the next election. I was also annoyed that one of those "very intelligent" characters said I was "making a stupid decision" because I didn't want to sign his petition. Wow, what a great way to get support. However, that tale is a blog within itself.

I'm also deeply annoyed at the failed "Draft AC" campaign. I took that as the pentultimate sign of desperation. They were so frustrated with Mayor Herenton that they tried to draft someone to run against him! That is funny to me! The last time I checked, you don't want anyone doing anything by force. I'm certain that Mayor Wharton is capable of making the decision to run for city mayor on his own, and should he ever decide to, he will. I won't go as far as some writers in the Commercial Appeal Viewpoint section and say that "those pastors behind that campaign should stay in the pulpit", but I will say that if they felt like backing a candidate, then back one who already chose to run. Some people felt that the "Draft AC" campaign was a ploy to split the black vote. I slightly agree. However, I saw it as desperation more than anything. I wonder what other nominees were secretly drafted to run against Mayor Herenton? If someone was drafted in public, I know someone was drafted in private.

So, this leads me to the title of my blog, "Anybody Isn't Better Than Mayor Herenton". I say this because I don't want anyone running for Mayor of the city where I have lived my entire life just to get Mayor Herenton out of office. Period. I don't want to hear another person assume that anyone is better than Mayor Herenton. That is far from the truth. Am I saying that Mayor Herenton is the best of the candidates? I can't truly call right now. I don't want to join the "Great Assumption Bandwagon". I do know that the purpose of voting is to choose the best qualified person for the job. You make an educated choice. You don't choose based on race, popularity, fraternity or sorority membership, nor do you choose based on frustration. I'm not voting for any person who says "it's time for a change". Why? Because I'm not picking someone just for a change. Remember, change can be a gift or a curse. I want someone in office who will work, who will move Memphis forward. If in the end, the best person is Dr. Willie Wilbert Herenton, then he's who I will vote for. If it's Herman Morris, then I will give him my vote. If it's John Willingham, he has my vote.

If it's Carol Chumney, then I'm moving to Cordova...

All jokes aside, I ask the people of Memphis to stop being bitter. Open your minds, and choose who is best. Don't let your frustration with Mayor Herenton result in a hasty and emotional decision. Remember that the winner will be the head of our city for the next four years. We will have to respect that person, and we will have to live with the choice of the majority. Remember, in 1991, a majority of Memphians were wearing "We Can't Hackett No More" shirts. Bill Adkins was hugging Mayor Herenton that year, and now 16 years later, he was pushing another person in hopes of defeating him. We have to take emotion out the picture. Let's be sensible.


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