The Doll is Moving!

After several years of rants, raves, hellraising and the like, I'm veering over to my own domain.

Effective aboot an hour ago, I cracked open my first blog under the Hellfire and TamNation site. I won't be deleting this blog because it's part of Tam. This blog has some good, bad and "what'n de blue hell" moments, and I don't want to erase them junts.

On Tumblr, a many moons ago, I cosigned to a post that was highly misogynistic, stupid & asinine. I got called out about it. Shole damn did. It changed my views and enlightened me profusely. Every now and then, someone reblogs it or will pop up in my messages like "um, really?"

I'll never delete it.

I could make it disa-damn-peer and act like I've been waking up for years and YALL asses just now noticing! But that isn't how Tam operates. Everything I post. Everything I read. Alladat..that's my evolution. A heffer learns daily and I'm hoping you would as well.

Well Delegation, I'm aboot to break camp from over here and go to the new house. I just had to make sure I left my forwarding address.

See you next door!



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