Racists, Go To Hell. Signed, Tam.

Today was the day that I realized that I've had absolutely enough of the racism bullshit that I see online.  I think that I've grown tired of it all.  

See, the way The Tam works with racists is that she hits them right back with the very words that they've used to try to hurt me.  I laugh in their faces.  I stand eye to eye with them and make them reverence me.  Only in one situation did someone not cower down, and even as that apologetic racist stood firm, I told him "at least you're a bold dumbass.  That's what I'm talmbout, son".

For me, a racist is the lowest of the low.  That person has made a conscious decision to do one of the following:

1.  Formulate an opinion of a person based on the color of their skin


2.  Allow someone to indoctrinate them so solidly that they can't think for themselves, and thus mistreat a person because of their race.

So to me, you, in the words of "Got 2 B Real", "are low class pieces of shit".

When I decide how I feel about a person, I base it on my actual experience with that person.  I don't go based on someone else's words or opinions.  I feel that it's basic respect for someone to be judged on what and how they are to me.  If I dogged people out based on what I heard, then I'd be less of a Tam.

So in the realm of racism, you are looking at a race and deciding that you're going to paint us all with one color.  You decide that Black people are all the same and unworthy of being judged as individuals.  You look at the news and see some fools wilding out with "ghetto names" and think we all do that thing.  Even as you see Black people doing it big, you relegate us to being niggas.

I have encountered situations with racists and each time, I turned that junt around on them.  As I mentioned above, only one person stood firm in the stupidity.  Here are some of the comedies of racism I've endured.

*Schnuck's Standoff:  Back when Schnuck's was on Quince and Ridgeway, I went up there to cop my WIC items and get a few things to cook.  Being that I was a G with the WIC, I already had my items sorted and ready for the cashier.  This white woman in line behind me, who's on the phone, says "oh no, I'll be a little late.  The Welfare Queen is going to hold up the line putting back stuff she can't afford."  The cashier, an older white lady, instantly frowned up and said "excuse me?"  I then turned and looked at said heffer on the phone and said "are you going to tell your friend that you're using an EBT card to buy your food or do you not want her to know YOU are the Welfare Queen?"  Naturally, there was silence.  I followed up with "can you NOT throw stones in a glass house if you have that American Flag card, girlfriend?"  She gets out of line with a red face and doesn't look back.  The cashier was hilarious.  "I would have cursed her out for you!"

*Fatassery Behind the Wheel:  I accidentally cut this guy off on Lamar.  It was my fault because I totally was zoned out.  Jones had the nerve to yell "WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING YOU FAT NIGGER BITCH!"  

I balled to catch up with him and yelled back "MY BAD NIGGA!  I WASN'T PAYING ATTENTION!"  And I sat at that light looking at him with a smile on my face!

*The Boldness of Dumbassery:  The unapologetic racist fool that I ran into who stood strong in his mess was HEE-LARRY-US!  Check it.  So I was trolling the book store trying to find myself some reading material.  This group of country bumpkin cats are whispering and giggling, and my Negronoia let me know that I'm prolly the source of the laughter.  I was right.

The ringleader says "I didn't know niggers read books without pictures in them" and they snicker.  I said "hmph, looks like you don't get out much.  Dating your cousin can tie up your free time like that."  All of them hush, except for the ringleader.  

"You really have balls to say that to my face."

"Baby, who ARE you?  I don't have a reason NOT to say anything to you."

"Ignorant bitch.  Go back to Frayser or wherever you're from."

"Not from Frayser, son.  Go away, your presence bothers me."

"Niggers nowadays don't know their place."

"Neither do you, nigga.  You're in a bookstore and I know good and hell well you can't read shit in here beyond 'Clifford the Big Red Dog'."

*his crew is pulling him to leave*

"Fuck that.  I bet you won't say that to my face."

*looks dead in his face* "DO..YOU..KNOW..THE WAY..TO SESAME STREET..IGNORANT ASS?"

Eventually, he and the flunkies leave..all the while, he's still talking cash money bull.  A few cats heard him and someone whispered some words in his ear.  I was amused.

Those are only three of dozens of racist issues that I've endured.  But in each situation, I never allowed them to get to me. However, after seeing the posts from the racist trolls on Facebook, I slick snapped.  In the real world, I could clapback.  I could allow my smiling face to show that I'm not bothered.

However, online..I realized that there is no refuge.  There is no "safe place".  There is a bigger venue and an ability to have a forum.  Even worse, on Facebook, efforts to ban racist speech and imagery often go unanswered.  I went to a safe place (or so I thought) in which I explored the new NBC BLK page.  Under virtually every post, nothing but unabashed racist heckling.  No matter how hard I tried to ignored it, I couldn't get away from it.  I didn't go to a page that was meant to reach the Black demographic looking for racism.  But racists took their time, over a period of days, and attacked us.  They brought MLK into the fray, saying that he "didn't die for us to re-segregate" and even worse things..accusing us of having "Black Privilege".

Yes.  We have Black Privilege.

According to the meme (that I won't display in my space), this privilege is the right to blame the police for everything we do and not be held accountable.  It also included the right to live off of the government, all the while complaining that it hates us.  


I know that I can only control myself.  I can't convert a person.  I damn sure can't convert a person so simple that they won't take the time to learn about me as a person.  I can't tell a white person that it's asinine to put us all into one category.  I refuse to waste my energy trying to tell someone that we are not a monolith.  So why am I so angry?

Because I'm tired.  I'm conflicted.  I know that I'm not enduring nearly as much as my elders did.  I still have the ability to work where I want, go to school as I please, and even some laws that will MAKE a saptapper reverence me!

I'm sick of these people, though.

We're allegedly "post-racial".  We have a Black President.  And Jeezy's Lambo is still blue.

But people are still ignorant as hell.



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